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Sage CRM

With Sage CRM store and manage customer information efficiently, thereby resulting in improved decision making.

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Sage CRM

Unlock success with Sage CRM

Easy to use and fast to deploy CRM solution that ensures greater customer visibility. Sage CRM can be deployed in the cloud and on-premise.

The CRM solutions have completely changed the way we interact with customers. Sage CRM benefits a company in many ways, one of which is it makes accurate customer data available to all teams, thus resulting in better coordination and precise decision making. The detailed reporting facilities in CRM generates reports about the various business activities in the organization.

With Sage CRM, your organization will have a real-time view of your customers. You can view their purchase history, recent interactions, order status, and much more. Integrating Sage CRM with Sage100 allows you to ensure a seamless workflow across your entire business. Being fully customizable and scalable Sage CRM can completely fit your needs organization’s current and future needs.

Sage CRM

Why Choose Sage CRM?

Increased Productivity

Automate your businesses by creating a steady and reliable workflow to ensure a faster and smarter work culture.

Create Marketing Campaigns

With Sage CRM your next marketing campaign will gain you enough audience and engagements by targeting your potential customers efficiently.

Real-time Insight and Monitoring

Sage CRM allows you to monitor day-to-day activities and processes to improve productivity and to track the progress closely.

Mobile Support

Sage CRM offers consistent mobile support and thus businesses can support their customers and solve customer queries without delay.

Improved Responsiveness

The highly responsive platform enables businesses to take actions immediately and thus can help users take actions without any confusions.

Sales Forecasting

Based on the data and analysis of previous performances, Sage CRM will offer a sales forecast. This will give businesses an insight into the future.


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