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Voxtron’s IRIS Bot is a fully automated, end-to-end mobile-based customer engagement and interaction chatbot solution for Mobile communications across various platforms including WhatsApp, SMS, Email communication, and web and mobile push notifications.

Voxtron’s Chatbot Solution Provider, IRISBot delivers seamless communication and better customer engagement across all contact channels. It uses artificial intelligence software to imitate human interaction using textual and audio means. It receives and responds to customer messages via SMS, online chat windows, and social messaging systems, providing instant, personalized replies around the clock.

By automating user-service interactions, IRISBot reduces the need for human intervention for repetitive and simple customer queries and support needs, thus allowing businesses to improve customer experience and boost profit margins.


Give feedback to the customer right away

IRISBot by Voxtron simplifies and improves customer service and engagement by taking over discussions that would otherwise be handled by a human. As businesses grow, the volume of inbound messages is bound to increase. Instead of assigning dedicated staff to address every customer query, you can use a  chatbot solution as a virtual assistant to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

IRISBot asks relevant questions to collect necessary information from customers. It significantly improves the customer-service quality through quick and personalized information delivery and enables customers to complete routine tasks without human assistance.

IRISBot provides timely responses to customers even after business hours. It can also direct customers to website information, provide location and product information, and automate service requests. This chatbot is designed to handle complex workflows and it can escalate relevant concerns to human agents, thus offering a seamless customer experience!

By automating the customer interaction platform, IRISBot enables businesses to enhance customer engagement at lower operational costs, without sacrificing manual effort and time over redundant queries and simple tasks. This easy-to-use chatbot solution simplifies human and computer interactions and significantly improves customer experiences.

24/7 Support

Immediate attention to every queries your customer makes helps to resolve any problems quickly


IRIS Chatbot supports multiple languages and gives your customers the liberty of communicating in their language.

Improved Efficiency

Reduced redundancy and repetition reduces the burden on your workforce and increases efficiency.

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How IRISBOT Will Help You Upscale Customer Engagement

Personalized messages

With IRIS Chatbots, engage your customers with personalized messages tailored to meet their expectations.

Reduced burden on representatives

By providing solutions to simple questions of your customers, IRIS Chatbots reduces the burden on agents.

Reduces customer service cost

By providing speedy responses to queries and FAQs, the IRIS Chatbot helps in reducing customer service expenses.


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