IRIS Omnichannel Banking

We provide a robust, flexible, and scalable platform for SMS Services through IRIS omnichannel banking.

Reach out to your customers through SMS easily with IRIS Omnichannel Banking

Use SMS, Voice, MMS, Email, and SmartLinks products to keep your customers up-to-date with the IRIS SMS banking module. It offers both push and pull messages and can easily connect and switch between SMSC operators based on the volume and network coverage.

Now provide accurate information to your customers and keep them up to date while offering them a perfect system for asking queries through SMS. you can also send promotions, broadcasts, updates, and more.

SMS Banking

How IRIS Omnichannel Banking can help your business?

Fraud management alerts

Alerting the customers about large or unusual transactions, new access sources, multiple login attempts, etc. can help in preventing banking frauds.

card statement

Our solution can give real-time updates to customers about their account or card status such as due amount, transaction details, and payment date.

Authentication Alerts

Our solution provides customers with OTP (One one-time password) and other authentication enablers for a secure banking experience.

Location Alerts

IRIS omnichannel banking provides location assistance to customers regarding the nearest ATM or branch based on their request. 

Promotional Alerts

The solution can let the customers know about the latest offers that you provide to them. Engage existing customers and acquire new customers through promotional SMS alerts.

Transaction Alert

Let them know the details of each transaction they make. Enable them with more security by confirming the transaction made by them through IRIS SMS solutions.


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