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The Voxtron Communication Center empowers businesses with a highly efficient, all-in-one inbound communication system that utilizes powerful inbound routing algorithms for all customer contact channels, including voice, email, IM, social media, and SMS.

With our flexible and scalable digital customer engagement solutions, your marketing, sales, and support teams can connect with site visitors at any stage of the customer lifecycle. Additionally, the intuitive live chat and analytics cloud contact center solution enables agents to start the right conversation at the right time, thus improving lead prospects and encouraging proactive client engagement.

Let’s look at how Voxtron’s computer Telephony Integration services (which includes cloud-based voice calling features and software integrations) can help solve difficulties, boost efficiency, and ensure higher productivity.


Route your customer interaction to the right person at the right time.

Robust System

Prompt and quick responses irrespective of the time and place.

Better Communication

Structured around your existing infrastructure to ensure better communication.

Better Performance

Skill-based routing mechanism which allows calls to be redirected to a skilled agent

A better way to look after your customers – at the right price.

Improving customer loyalty could be as simple as implementing an omnichannel marketing contact center solution. It might also be significantly cheaper than any other business initiative you are considering. You’ll make customers happier with less waiting, less frustration, and less dissatisfaction, whether you have a simple phone support helpdesk or a sophisticated multi-channel cloud contact center solution. Hence, your agents will have what they need to be more helpful, more efficient, and more motivated. Calls are automatically tracked and logged by the programme, providing a permanent record of activity. If there is ever a doubt about a conversation, call records can provide precise proof. Furthermore, with one-click dialing, sales, and support employees may make outbound calls faster through Voxtron’s communication center. 

With real-time updates, sales and support personnel can manage conversations with confidence. Customers are serviced as soon as possible owing to drastically decreased hold times. Gain the power to collect consumer data at every point of contact and make it conveniently available through a single source through this platform. By analysing the findings and comments from automated surveys, you may gain fast feedback from clients. Dashboard analytics by Voxtron aid in the scaling of your contact center and the early detection of problems.

To meet customer demands for service anytime, anywhere, anyhow, contact centers need the capabilities of a sophisticated omnichannel contact center but at a fraction of the cost. Voxtron’s business solution is a modular solution comprising a multimedia contact center, attendant operator console, IVR, call recording, quality monitoring, and a range of additional components and integration tools, so you can add functionality as requirements and budget dictate. Our solutions work on Avaya, Cisco, NEC, and Microsoft. 

Voxvantage, our cloud platform

Voxvantage, Voxtron’s cloud-based call center software platform provides a communication platform for processing customer calls and interactions over the internet for both the firm and its clients. It is less expensive to set up and operate, and it gives the essential technology to communicate with clients anywhere, at any time. Supervisors and managers may use call center software to track important call center metrics and improve the customer support team’s performance to boost end-customer satisfaction. Use Voxtron’s quality monitoring capabilities, which allow the supervisor to eavesdrop, barge in, and whisper on a live call. They can also use call quality factors to rate the call recording.

Benefits of cloud contact center solution

Omnichannel Communication and Engagement

  • Offer customers their choice of communication and ensure service is consistent across all channels. 
  • Enhance your customer experiences with new native web engagement tools such as web chat, video chat, screen sharing. 
  • Customer experience personalization in insight cards, SMS, and other omnichannel tools enables team members to engage with customers via their chosen channel. 

Efficiency and Productivity Enhancements

  • Optimize staff resources with comprehensive reporting and automation of repetitive processes. 
  • Calls are sent to sales and support personnel who can help customers right away. Time-based routing, skill-based routing, and IVR all help consumers be served promptly. 
  • IVR, queue-based routing, queue call-back, and extensions; all help to reduce caller wait times. 

Agent Performance and Satisfaction

  • Reduce agent attrition by providing the tools they need to achieve targets, minimize stress, and expand their capabilities. 
  • Integrations with MAGic and JAWS for the vision impaired. 
  • Sales automation software automates sales workflows and turns incentive and reward programmes into games. 
  • Click-to-dial and power dialer capabilities let you make more outbound calls. 

Integration, Flexibility, and Enhanced Reach

  • Platform-agnostic with tight integration to all key communications technology providers. 
  • Available in a Premise, Cloud, or Hybrid based solution. 
  • Developing a global business with a local presence and making toll-free and international phone numbers available. 

Customer Satisfaction and Resolution Efficiency

  • Improve customer satisfaction through real-time interaction monitoring and coaching. 
  • Achieve superior first contact resolution through intelligent skills-based routing. 
  • Reduce abandonment rates, queues, and call times by offering a Callback (queue placeholder). 
  • Resolve more calls in less time, increasing productivity. 
  • Create loyal customers by providing agents with the right information, when they need it, to personalize the customer journey and resolve issues more effectively. 
  • Customer satisfaction enhancements through automated surveys provide insight into your customers’ perceptions of your company. 

Internal Collaboration and Data Insights

  • Internal cooperation improves work features such as warm transfer, shared contacts, and shared call inbox, and maintains the lines of communication open after the call center. 
  • Assessing the performance of a group by individual and team performance may be viewed objectively using quality assurance tools and call center dashboard statistics. 
  • Analyzing data and obtaining insights by creating dashboards with data and reporting tools to acquire a better understanding of call center operations. 

Voxtron has its services spread across the locations of Qatar, the UAE, Dubai, and Africa. We pride ourselves on offering the best communication center with a global outreach. Our services are meant for the best customer service experience which is hassle free and transparent.

Communication Center

How can Communication Center help you?

Omnichannel Inbound/ Outbound

Our solution delivers seamless and consistent customer experiences across all inbound channels, improving the accuracy of resolutions and customer satisfaction numbers.

Recording and Quality Management

Advanced call recording and monitoring solution which helps in optimizing your team’s performance and quality

Auto Dialer

Our easy-to-use dialer software includes predictive dialing, preview dialing, progressive dialing, Blaster Dialing and manual dialing modes.

Interactive voice response(IVR)

Makes use of dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) signaling keypad to allow humans to interact with computers.


Enables a computer to act as a call centre. Incoming and outgoing communications like calls and email can be routed to appropriately skilled agents.

Voice recording and logging

Calls can be recorded for training and analysis, to improve the services in the future.

Interactive Voice Response

Visual IVR helps customers navigate service option without confusion


Our flexible solutions allow easy integration with third-party CRM and directory systems as well as IP, PBX, and TDM networks.


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