CRM for Call Center

With CRM solutions from Voxtron, call center agents have real-time access to information that helps to deliver efficient solutions to customers.

Increase First Call Resolution with enhanced customer services and timely responses.

To ensure better customer satisfaction, your representatives need to have access to real-time information about the customers they are interacting with. CRM software for call centers can help your agents in delivering correct solutions to your customers during an interaction.

With our CRM solutions, reduce the chance of missing out on calls. It’s easy to integrate our CRM solution with other business tools for more advanced functionality. With real-time access to information, your agents will have a better understanding of your customers, thereby allowing them to provide quality services and customized solutions.

Customer Relationship Management

How can our CRM solution be beneficial for a call center?

Increased efficiency

With access to customer information, agents can provide a solution on time, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the process.

Better Coordination

Easy integration with third-party software ensures necessary information is available for various departments in an organization.

Increased Sales

With the availability of sales history and knowledge about customer buying habits, agents can promote other products and services.

Improved customer experience

Better call routing to the right agents and less inbound traffic queues leads to increased level of customer satisfaction.

Employee Management

With CRM software for call centers, employee performance can be tracked, and necessary measures can be adopted to improve productivity.

IVR Integration

Reduced dependency on manpower by using Interactive voice response for basic calls and customer enquiries.


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