CRM Integrations

CRM integration is an excellent way to improve your customer service while keeping expenses down. It enables you to make the most of your existing investments by adding contact center capabilities to your CRM platform.
CRM Connect from Voxtron allows you to access both your telephone and CRM from a single application. As a result, owing to customer interaction, record visibility, live notetaking, and click-to-dial, it raises productivity and improves first call resolution rates.
Improve your CRM’s adoption with features like automated activity reporting, unique wrap-up tags, and more. For effective worker use, track performance, presence, and availability statuses. Agents can access CRM Connect with fewer clicks and a single, integrated repository of user data, resulting in increased productivity.



Features of CRM Integration

Click to Dial

Calls may be started with a simple click on the phone number inside the CRM record, and all calls are instantly logged. Increase your productivity by reducing the amount of time you spend manually dialing or misdialing numbers.

Screen Pop

When the call connects, you can seamlessly deliver the caller's details onto your agent's screen, cutting call time by 15 seconds or more. For more effective assistance, agents can refer to and change these details.

Live Call Notes and Wrap-Up Codes

During calls, add comments directly to the record, and use a set of adjustable wrap-up codes at the end of each conversation. Wrap-up codes can also be used to execute follow-up tasks and report on them.

Call and Activity Logging Automation

Capture inbound and outgoing call events, as well as their accompanying data and call length, in your CRM regularly. There will be no more manual logging with mistakes or omissions, and reporting will be more accurate.

Call and Screen Transfer

Increase FCR rates by eliminating superfluous transfers. Increase FCR rates by eliminating needless transfers. For seamless assistance, route calls can be made to any geographic area with the best-suited, accessible advisor.

Call Control from Your CRM

Remove the need for advisers to switch between apps or pull out their phones. Add telephonic controls to your CRM's toolbar, such as 'hold' and 'transfer.'

Integrations with CTI for CRM

A multi-channel contact center, self-service, attendant operator consoles, and workforce optimization are all part of Voxtron's comprehensive portfolio of solutions. With such a diverse portfolio, we are in the unusual position of being able to provide clients and partners with a comprehensive, fully-featured solution from a single source. These systems may be deployed in a variety of ways, from on-premises to private, public, or community clouds, as well as hybrid scenarios. VCC Salesforce Integration, Sage CRM Connector, Microsoft Dynamics/365 CRM Connector, and Odoo Connector are the CRM interfaces that have been tweaked for better workforce efficiency and customer experience.

VCC Salesforce Integration

The combination of SFDC and Voxtron provides the most straightforward and adaptable option for getting the most out of your CRM and contact center investments, regardless of the customer engagement channels you wish to be present on.

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Sage CRM Connector

CTI for Sage CRM helps your organization increase productivity, improve the efficiency of contact center staff, and deliver great customer service by allowing your agents to tailor their replies to each caller.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM Connector

By allowing your agents to customize their responses to each caller, CTI for MS CRM/D 365 helps your business enhance productivity, improve the efficiency of contact center workers, and provide exceptional customer service.

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Odoo Connector

The Odoo Connector is a flexible framework for building bi-directional connectors between Odoo (Open Source ERP) and other applications or services.

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