Omni Channel Inbound/Outbound

Our omnichannel contact center solutions ensure a better customer experience by engaging with customers through any channel such as social media, voice, email, and SMS.

Omnichannel contact center solutions that offer a simplified experience to customers by ensuring seamless connectivity.

Customers like to talk with companies through channels of their preference, whether it be emails, phone calls, social media or SMS. Interacting with customers through channels of their choice helps to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

With an omnichannel contact center solution, an organization will have information regarding all the interactions made by customers through various channels, thus providing a unified customer experience. VCC omnichannel contact center from Voxtron is a completely customizable solution that ensures continuous conversations with customers.

Voxtron Communication Center

VCC Omni-channel contact center solutions capabilities

Better Customer Understanding

With VCC Omni-channel contact center, the customer journey can be analyzed to understand customers better.

Recommend Next Action

With all the necessary information, next action suggestions can be provided to ensure better customer satisfaction.

Workforce Management

With a unified dashboard, all appropriate information is available in one place, which leads to better workforce management.

Real-time Customer Service

With the Omni-channel contact center, customers can get services on their terms with the minimal waiting time.

Better Decision Making

Analyzing all the necessary data helps organizations to allocate resources and improve agent performance.

Intelligent Routing

This facility allows automatic redirecting of customers to agents having the right skill based on the customer’s needs.


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