Interactive Voice Response System / Visual IVR

A menu driven web-based support experience to your customers, through Visual IVR solution provided by Voxtron

A menu-driven visual interface that enables customers to navigate easily and get support on the go.


Customers don’t prefer long hold times; instead, they want to have a solution for their issues immediately. Visual IVR is a solution that drives customers through a menu-driven interface where they navigate between options and find the solution for their problems, without needing to talk with a representative. Voxtron’s visual IVR solution can easily integrate with your current IVR systems.

Customers can access the solution either through their mobile or through the organization’s websites. The solution also allows the customers to connect with a representative at any point of the interaction.

Voxtron Communication Centre

How can our visual IVR solution help your business?

Expedite Resolution

With our solution, customers can find answers by themselves through various options provided in the interface, instead of waiting to get connected with an agent.


Visual IVR solution is capable of collecting more data than a standard IVR system, thus providing agents with more information about the customer.

Higher Productivity

The self-service option provided by the interface reduces the dependency on agents, thus allowing agents to work on more crucial works.


Voxtron’s visual IVR can be integrated into existing IVR solutions to provide a more useful self-service solution for customers.

Omnichannel experience

With our solution being accessible through various channels, customers can select their preferred channel for interaction.


Keep track of your customers’ journey by knowing the menu options they have visited and how satisfied they were with service.


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