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Today, customers connect with businesses through a variety of digital and physical channels, including the Internet, mobile applications, e-mail, SMS, social media, and others, through contact centers, stores, dealers, service centers, and field services. CX Engage is a user feedback tool that helps organizations engage consumers across all of these channels by providing optimized interfaces for different devices and communication modes. Customers may get activity streams, real-time alerts, and notifications on a variety of devices, such as phones, tablets, PCs, smart products, and wearables.

Aside from structured information and transactions, CX Engage offers unstructured knowledge flows, comments, pictures, audio files, training videos, 3D graphics, interactive schematics, and parts illustrations. User-generated material, such as pictures and videos, data from linked items, and sensors are saved in the CX Cloud for seamless distribution on any device, in addition to brand-published content. CX Engage helps customise email and push alerts, as well as email templates, forms, and PDF templates, to provide engaging material to your users.


A robust social listening system that improves your customer experience

To improve customer experience and engagement, you can now have two-way digital discussions and exchange data with all service transactions. Customers are recognised, their purpose, location, context, and other criteria are detected, and alternatives to maximize value is determined by the Engagement Engine. After that, customer service and support workers may choose an effective reaction for service events that will have the most influence on the customer.

Give your agents the tools and resources they need to provide a good client experience. 

CX Engage cloud contact Center platform

The CX Engage cloud contact center platform includes Voxtron’s full coverage of the quality management lifecycle, giving supervisors a unified view of all customer and agent interactions. Quality management is important for improving the customer experience since it identifies areas where your team is excelling and those where they can improve. By recording conversations, capturing agents’ desktop displays, and simplifying the evaluation of agents’ performance, CX Engage by Voxtron monitors and assesses agents’ interactions with consumers. With this crucial data, you can pinpoint exactly where each agent is providing excellent service while also identifying areas where extra training and coaching are needed.

CX Engage Quality Management is integrated with the broader CX Engage platform, resulting in a single, powerful solution for providing exceptional customer experiences and at the same time offers a channel for employee feedback.

For better outcomes, match the appropriate resource to the right consumer. With unrivaled analytics, you can keep track of everything in real-time. Incoming and outgoing contacts, as well as voice and digital channels, self-service, work items, and inbound and outbound interactions, should all be unified. Make your consumers and workers’ experiences more comprehensive and personalised. Data integration and global language support are available with CX Engage. CX Engage has another feature that adds value to it. The platform’s smart text analytic capabilities allow it to retrieve information and do lexical analysis to get insight into word frequency, emotions, and behavior.

Voxtron has its services spread across the locations of Qatar, the UAE, Dubai, and Africa. We pride ourselves on offering the best communication center with a global outreach. Our services are meant for the best customer service experience which is hassle free and transparent.

Multi-channel Engagement

With CX Engage, customers can receive real-time alerts, notifications on various channels.

Intelligent Decision Criteria

CX Engage with its intelligent decision criteria helps in multiple criteria decision analysis.

Global Language Support

CX Engage improves the global customer experience with its global language support feature

CX Engage

How can CX Engage help you?

Offers Flexibility Needed For Your Business

CX Engage offers an organization the flexibility needed to engage with customers through any preferred social media channel with ease

Possibility Of Proactive Service

Social channels can be used as a medium to offer proactive services, hence allowing organizations to reach out to customers before it escalates as a complaint

Smart Analytics

With smart text analytic abilities, the platform can retrieve pieces of information, lexical analysis to get an insight about word frequency, emotions, behaviour

Automatic Tagging & Routing

With CX engage, businesses can automatically tag conversations such as comments related to products or services and help enterprises to detect market trends

Service-Level Agreement Monitoring

SLA monitoring tool by CX Engage helps organizations meet the business requirements and improve efficiency and performance

Data Integration & Global Language Support

It provides the facility of data integration and Global language support. An another feature of CX Engage that add values to it


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