Computer Telephony Integration Solution (CTI Solution)

Computer Telephony Integration Solution

An efficient computer telephony integration solution can be a game-changer for a business because it can drastically improve customer satisfaction levels and employee efficiency.

CTI software solutions enable teams to perform all phone functions from their desktop, thereby simplifying and streamlining the entire process flow

Intelligent routing directs customers to the right support channel quickly, thus minimizing call handling times while also improving the customer experience. Furthermore, a good CTI solution enables higher employee productivity by giving agents the context they need to work faster.

Voxtron’s Computer Telephony Integration solutions come with advanced features to easily connect call center services to other business systems.

It is built for seamless channel surfing, so agents can switch to the customer’s preferred communication channel and offer faster resolutions. It also provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface that enables agents to trace the customer journey and offer better-quality support.


Let us know about the unique features of CTI in depth

Intelligent Routing

Use telephone network information and IVR data to route the call to the proper or best-qualified agent. Increased first-call resolution rates by eliminating needless transfers.

Screen Pop

When agents get a call, they instantly retrieve client data from your CRM or business database and present it on the screen. This may be used on its own or in conjunction with your existing system.


Organizations that make a lot of outbound phone calls can save a lot of money. With a simple mouse click from a computer, you can reduce the amount of time lost due to misdialed numbers.

CRM with CTI

Our CTI apps for CRM systems provide fast access to comprehensive interaction histories. Salesforce, Siebel, Oracle, Microsoft CRM Dynamics, and others are among them.

Interactive Voice Response

One of the most extensively used IVR voice and video creation tools is created by Voxtron. Utilize data efforts to assist in the faster resolution of consumer concerns.


Provide a complete picture of the transaction cycle. Track the entire customer experience and value, for example, sales per shift, service calls addressed per hour, and so forth.


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