Enhancements In CC V11

The primary development focus for Communications Center version 11.0 has been our new Microsoft Teams Contact Center.

Customers can also talk to their Enghouse provider for our Release Notes, a detailed list of general v11.0 release enhancements and fixes.

Enhancements to TouchPoint :

  • Configure Presence Pages/Favorites
  • Pick up an Email in the Offering State
  • Email spell checker Languages – Arabic, Thai, and Norwegian (Nynorsk)
  • Copying TouchPoint Preferences
  • Make Calls from Sublines
  • Copy Chat Transcript to Clipboard
  • Call Order on Call Bar
  • Brand update (Enghouse logo added to TouchPoint UI)
  • Teams Supervisor Client with Touchpoint embedded into Teams application
  • Real-time synchronization with contacts’ Microsoft Teams Presence.

Web Chat, Video Chat & Page Sharing:

Web chat is quickly becoming the channel of choice for customers. Give your website visitors an escalation point to your customer service center that can be easily and seamlessly escalated to video as required. Page sharing provides the tool to support these customers in their engagement, allowing agents to guide them across different pages and even assist them to fill out forms.

Advanced Queues:

Users who loved Communications Center’s old Desktop UI will be happy to see this complete and focused new TouchPoint view into agent productivity and overall contact center performance, all from one screen.

Bot API:

Customers can now interface to the external Chat system, including chatbots and social media applications, using the public Chat Connector. Chat Connector places the externally initiated chats into Communications Center’s Chat queues and then delivers them to chat-enabled agents. The same chat queue can take chats from the standard Communications Center Web Chat, internal chats, and chats from the Connector.”

JAWS and MAGic Integration for vision Impaired:

Provide the best experience to vision impaired agents with screen magnification and text to voice capabilities.

10.1 SP1 :

Log Collector:

Schedule or manually transfer TouchPoint application diagnostic/log files from the client PC directly to the Log directory on the CTI server.

Update Service:

TouchPoint’s auto-update service has been rearchitected to include an auto update of Advanced Services modules to further reduce implementation time.

Hot Seating support (PBX):

Dynamically associate a user’s current phone extension as soon as they sign in to TouchPoint.

10.1 SP2:

Data Privacy Tool:

The Data Privacy feature enables the identification of a customer’s personal data and the export or removal / anonymized of it if requested. This feature has been developed to meet recently introduced privacy laws (GDPR).

10.1 SP3:

Chat Connector API

Customers can now interface to the external Chat system, including chatbots and social media applications, using the public Chat Connector.  Chat Connector places the externally initiated chats into CC Chat queues and then delivers them to chat-enabled agents. The same Chat queue can take chats from the standard CC Web Chat, internal chats, and chats from the Connector.

10.1 SP4:

Web Chat translation

Chat messages can now be translated so that agents and customers can communicate in different languages. Using the Google Cloud Translation API, chat messages are translated from non-English queues to English for the agent, and back to the original language for the customer.

Presence Pages

New to TouchPoint the user now has a ‘Contacts’ tab in the Statistics window that allows quick access to the frequently used contacts. The Contacts panel lists Global and Personal contact groups and the members of the selected group are displayed as contact cards in the main body of the panel. The contacts in the selected group can then be filtered using the text filter box.

Tighter Portfolio Integration

The strength and depth of the Enghouse Interactive Contact Center portfolio has increasedTouchPoint now tightly integrates with the wider Enghouse Portfolio, allowing for seamless switching between interaction handling, quality management and workforce schedulingIntegration to outbound SMS campaigns automatically recognizes messages needing agent intervention, routing them to available agents for deeper level handling

Scale and Flexibility

Newly engineered Contacts Search offers enhanced, free-text searching along with powerful search speeds and integration to Active DirectoryEnterprise level presence visibility for NEC SV8500 and SV9500 customersMulti-node support allowing for geographical distribution of contact center operations for Avaya IP Office environments

Communications Center with the Cloud

Support for federated agents

Quality Driven Communications

New Omni-Channel Escalation ScenariosCustomer and agent-enabled channel escalationAdd IM to voice or voice to IM (TouchPoint Agent for Microsoft Office 365)Add screen sharing (Microsoft Office 365)New Agent & Team Goals/KPIs, Metrics & AlertsSet agent or team performance thresholdsNew KPI and metrics graphs and visualizationAn Improved TouchPoint ExperienceAccess agent and presence controls direct from call barImproved searching within email queues and contacts

Tighter Portfolio Integration

New Communication Portal (EICP) SupportIVR Integration, with an improved data display in TouchPointApplication Integration (IVR Navigator)Enhanced Quality Management Suite (QMS) IntegrationAccess QMS from directly within TouchPointEasier administration and improved data

Web-Enabled TouchPoint

Providing improved Managed Service OfferingNew Edge Server role to aggregate client connectionsSupport Home-Based/Roaming TouchPoint AgentsReduce cost & Improve PerformanceRemote TouchPoint deployment with no expensive VPN requiredSecure Single Sign-OnMutual TLS Certificate-based architecture

Microsoft Office 365

Improved Direct-to-Conference Call ScenariosAll agent calls are pulled into conferences for improved performance and call handlingReduce Queue Complexity & Support Advanced RoutingIn-dial Modifiers are now supported on Microsoft Office 365Support for Agent DTMFDialpad and tone support added to TouchPoint

All New TouchPoint Operator Console

Increase operator efficiency with this fresh new console operator interface. The new console UI has improved enterprise contact search with context sensitive alerting.

Improved Supervisor Visibility within TouchPoint

TouchPoint’s supervisor and monitoring views have been refined to further help manage agent productivity and quality.

New for Microsoft Lync

Media-escalation now gives agents the ability to transition from voice to video, or from IM to screen-share – all in the same interaction. IM queuing is also available, allowing Lync users to use the rich chat functionality of CC.

New Mobility Feature for Roaming Agents

Support is now available for Lync Mobile Client and Cisco Jabber Extend & Connect on mobile devices. Extend your contact center to the roaming agent and retain all of CC’s reporting and skills based routing.

Improved Server Resiliency

Leverage SQL 2014 clustering and merged replication to keep your business critical contact center application to mitigate risk around disaster recovery (fail-over/fail back) scenarios.

All New Webchat

A revitalized UI and an easy to setup with secure webchat interface allowing for improved integration with your website.

Improved SMS Interaction QueuingNow offering direct SMS gateway support, with 2-way agent session management.Talk to the our Advanced Services team about integrating your SMS gateway for more control over your SMS channel.

Video Interaction Queuing

Talk to the Advanced Services team about integrating video into your customer’s contact center experience.

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