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Your agents can begin to place, answer, and manage calls with features such as transfer, hold, and conference in an instant. Unlike other solutions, VCC Sage edition brings together the complete contact center functionality, multichannel capabilities and social customer service into your Sage CRM instance – all easily implemented and simple to use. Enables the audio and screen capture and review of any customer-agent interaction at anytime—no additional hardware or software required.


Following are the functionalities offered by our CTI:



Using the Calling Line ID (CLI) or Customer Number associated with an incoming call to pop a Sage CRM record complete with the customer’s details directly from your SAGE CRM database. The Screenpop can also be triggered based on email id of an incoming mail.

Soft phone Interface

When the CRM Connector is running, it enables a soft phone interface within the SAGE CRM browser window that allows the user to interact with the telephone system. This allows answering of inbound calls, making outbound calls and telephony functionality from within the browser window such as the ability to answer, drop, hold and transfer calls.


A single click launches an outbound call, reducing time and errors by calling customers directly from the Sage contact.

Coordinated call and data transfer

Transfer the call and the call data, including notes attached to the call record, to the receiving agent, enabling seamless support by more than one agent during a single interaction.

Automatic tagging of Communications

Call details such number, agent time of the call, interaction type can be automatically tagged for every call and update the CRM.