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Our call recording solution allows you to analyze any interaction for better customer satisfaction and effective workforce optimization.

Ensure interactions of the highest quality with our recording solution

As organizations are trying hard to offer the best customer experience, it is essential to keep track of all customer interactions. Call recording and quality management solution provided by Voxtron is a feature-rich and easy-to-use solution which can be used by businesses of all sizes.

With a call recording solution in place, you have a clear understanding of how your agents are interacting with the customers. By listening to customer interactions, an organization can ensure that they are successful in keeping their customers happy, which in turn increases customer loyalty.

Voxtron Communication Centre

How can our recording and quality management solution help your business?

Customer Satisfaction

Call recording solutions helps organizations to ensure that customers are treated with respect throughout the conversation.


Analyze calls to find out issues and train agents on how to handle difficult situations and maintain professionalism throughout the call.

Improved Quality

Analyzing the recorded calls helps organizations in understanding the call handling skills of employees and coach them accordingly.

Improved Security

Recorded calls are confidential and hence stored securely to prevent any unauthorized access to the data.

Improved Decision Making

Analyzing the recordings helps companies in understanding the workflow issues and fine-tune them accordingly.

Real-Time Monitoring

Capture computer screens of employees to ensure high productivity and high-quality customer interaction.


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