IRIS is digital customer engagement platform that helps in handling interactions across various digital channels like WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Chat, Web and mobile push notifications etc.

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Build strong customer loyalty with seamless customer communications

Easy to Use

It offers Seamless interface with a dashboard control to help you in handling things easily.

Omnichannel support

IRIS lets you interact with the customers on their preferred platform.

Load Balancing

With multiple servers in place, the system automatically manages load without disturbing the process.


How IRIS help you?

IRIS WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp Business API, enable your service team to easily manage communications happening through WhatsApp.

IRIS Social

Nowadays social media plays a crucial role in communication. With social media integration module of IRIS, reach a large amount of audience with just a click.

IRIS Chatbot

IRIS chatbot, helps you to tackle a thousand chats at the same time, thus give your agents more time to work on difficult cases.

IRIS mail

Communicate to your customers through bulk email marketing campaigns or respond to user-initiated requests. You can also automate the process with predefined conditions.


Grab the attention of your customers via SMS. The feature allows you to send SMS with dynamic contents and automate the process with specific rules and triggers.

IRIS Notifier

Let your customers be informed about the latest events with an automated web/mobile push notification with IRIS.


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