15 November, 2022

WhatsApp for Business

How it improves business productivity?

Customers are the backbone of any business, and delivering good customer service is critical to the success or downfall of a business organization.

In today’s business landscape, the customer is more powerful than before. With more players competing against each other in every market segment, customers have plenty of choices. Unless businesses are smart enough to understand and address their expectations with suitable customer interaction solutions, they will fail to attract and retain customers.

Over the last decade, customer expectations from businesses have grown significantly. Gone are the days when they would patiently discuss their concerns with live agents and wait for resolutions. Today’s tech-savvy buyers want instant gratification. They have a general aversion to phone calls and prefer responsive support on all communication channels. Messaging apps like WhatsApp are increasingly the choice of customers contacting businesses for different requirements.

So, having a dedicated customer contact center is not enough to deliver 24/7 support of the highest quality. Forward-thinking businesses must rise to this challenge and upgrade their customer engagement strategy.

Fortunately, advancements in messaging technology have created new possibilities to meet growing customer expectations.

Regardless of the size of the business, WhatsApp for Business simplifies interactions with customers by providing valuable features that streamline the communication process. By deploying WhatsApp Virtual Assistants, organizations can automate, sort, and respond more effectively to customer queries. Additionally, it enables businesses to deliver customers direct and personalized support in a targeted manner.

So, how does WhatsApp for Business stack up against other support channels, and why is it essential for business owners to explore this platform? Let us find out.

What is WhatsApp for Business? 

Did you know that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service worldwide?

This platform has nearly 2 billion daily users and it continues to grow rapidly. It is the preferred mode of communication for people across 180 countries.

WhatsApp comes pre-installed on many smartphones, making it easy for customers to adopt and use. Unlike other traditional channels like SMS and email, which businesses use to communicate with customers, WhatsApp has capabilities that create more impact and increase conversions.

Hence, WhatsApp Business is a powerful tool for businesses from both e-commerce and support perspectives.

The winning factor of this platform is its simplicity, which appeals to people of all backgrounds, gender, and age. It also has various features that enhance the user experience, and businesses can use.

Another advantage of using this messaging platform is the seamless experience that WhatsApp offers customers.

Customers are already present on WhatsApp. So, it becomes easier for businesses to employ it as an engagement, support, and marketing channel. Not only does it save time and effort but also can be used in conjunction with other mobile channels as part of an Omnichannel marketing strategy.

WhatsApp for business is a platform where businesses can meet and communicate with their customers in a personalized yet efficient manner. It creates an opportunity to engage the customer base better, offers higher-quality and more responsive support, and builds better customer experiences.

Let us take a closer look at how WhatsApp for business can be a game-changer for your business.

Do you need WhatsApp for Business?

It is normal to want to know how WhatsApp business can benefit your business before signing up for it.

Join us as we explore how it can drastically improve your business productivity by:

  • Cementing customer relationships

Personalized communication is the key to providing superior customer experiences.

Customers are more likely to stick with a business when they feel valued. WhatsApp Business achieves this by creating a personalized and safe space for customers to interact with a business.

Fast and accurate support improves the customer’s perception of the business. The personalized interaction also increases the familiarity of the customer with the brand, adding a personal touch. It elevates customer service by making it more personal and efficient.

Additionally, this platform allows you to customize your interactions to reflect the brand personality.

  • Improving responsiveness and quality of communication

WhatsApp for business simplifies various aspects of communications with customers by allowing businesses to automate responses to common and repetitive queries. WhatsApp bots can deliver automated responses or send messages to FAQs without delays. Whatsapp chatbot integration can be done with Whatsapp business API . This drastically lessens the workload on human agents, because the system can handle various requests without any human assistance.

Furthermore, WhatsApp business has advanced features like directing customers to relevant information on the business website, sharing contact information, and even handling the onboarding of new customers.

  • Extensively automating operations

WhatsApp Business offers advanced automation features that can streamline business operations easily. Businesses in the healthcare sector can engage advanced features to allow patients to book appointments, share medical records, and update patient information without agent assistance.

Similarly, financial organizations can automate WhatsApp functionality to supply account details, share credit card or debit card info, obtain ATM location details, and register complaints without the need for human intervention.

  • Working as a marketing and product information channel

By customizing your business profile, you can inject branding into your WhatsApp messages. It is also the perfect channel to introduce new products or marketing campaigns to your customers.

This feature-rich platform allows you to share product catalogs, details about product campaigns, events, and other updates with your customer base. It makes it easy and convenient for customers to see the latest notifications and not miss any relevant updates. Additionally, it also allows them to access all the information in one place without visiting your website, social media, or other channels.

WhatsApp for Business can even support online shopping, with a shopping cart and payment feature for added convenience.

  • Simplifying customer engagement and improving customer experiences

Many businesses employ WhatsApp Chat Bot solutions for the convenience and flexibility they bring to their operations. These WhatsApp virtual assistants work round-the-clock to address customer inquiries. They can be programmed to mimic human interactions and offer personalized advice and support to customers.

Furthermore, the Chatbot builds a strong brand personality and streamlines the entire customer engagement process. By providing 24/7 support, a WhatsApp Bot eliminates the need for human agents to be employed outside regular working hours. These bots also have inbuilt functionalities that enable them to recognize queries beyond their scope, and they can seamlessly transfer such concerns to human agents.

To wrap it up…

In the years ahead, customer expectations from businesses are guaranteed to grow making WhatsApp for Business a powerful tool for successful business communications. Make it an integral component of your business to engage customers in the most effective way and at scale.

If you wish to learn more about how to get started with WhatsApp for Business, contact Voxtron to find out how we can help you proceed.

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