1 September, 2022

What’s your reason for moving to the cloud?

There are significant financial, operational and technical advantages that lead organisations to migrate their contact centre to the cloud. Interestingly, the reasons for moving to the cloud have changed considerably over the past few years, as the latest Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Centre Solutions by ContactBabel points out:

  • The ability to reduce capital expenditure was historically seen as the most important primary reason to move to the cloud, but is now only placed by 29% of respondents in the top 3.
  • Increasing functionality is placed as a top 3 reason by 42% of respondents.
  • With 49%, disaster recovery and business continuity has more top 3 votes than any other reason.
  • Remote working is placed as no.1 by around 1 in 6 respondents.
  • The importance of scalability has increased, being one of the top two reasons in five of the past seven years.
  • As time moves on, we may expect to see more decisions on cloud being driven by the fact that existing technologies are approaching their end-of-life.

With over 35 years of deep contact centre expertise, we know one size doesn’t fit all and that there are not simply one or two reasons to move to cloud. Our team of specialists is here to discuss your specific painpoints and business requirements in order to offer you a contact centre solution that is tailored to suit your needs.

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