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Whether you require the flexibility and cost efficiencies of the Cloud, the security and complexity of on-premise, or the unique features of a multi-tenanted contact center, our solutions are scalable both in deployment, size, complexity and integration options to ensure successful and effortless customer interactions whatever your budget.

All our solutions enable organizations to leverage existing contact center technology and applications, overlaying additional functionality and enabling the contact center to flex with demand. Ultimately our inbound and outbound communications enable organizations to classify and respond to customers in the way that they want: quickly, efficiently and successfully, with minimal effort.

Stuck in the past?

Until recently, the traditional contact center effectively acted as a switch for customer inquiries. This model is retained today by many companies but gradually we are beginning to see a shift happening as more and more organizations appreciate the dangers of being perceived to be stuck in the past by their customers.

The role of the contact center moving forward is beginning to change. Organizations are starting to bolster the front-end layer which allows smart streaming and triaging of customer queries at the interaction stage, based not just on the nature of the query but on information intelligently gleaned about the customer’s value to the business.

The ultimate goal is to create a frictionless interaction, making it as easy as possible for the customer to get what they need from the engagement process.

Things to consider when creating your contact center strategy:

How many users do you have now and how many are they likely to have in three years’ time?
How complex and sophisticated are the inquiries you’ll receive likely to be?
How geographically dispersed are you? Are you just operating in the US? Or do you have international operations?
Do you generally have large seasonal peaks and troughs in demand?
Which regulations do you have to comply with?
How strong is your internal IT department?
Do you need people to be able to access their system remotely from home?
Do you utilize knowledge workers and do you require skills-based routing?
How much more could your customers achieve through a self-service approach backed up by the right tools?

What Do Customers Want?

It’s no surprise that we’re seeing a shift in customer expectation towards anytime, anywhere service. Metro Bank is one of those rare companies that really listened to what their customers wanted and provided it. Balancing the needs of customers and the business is about the right technology and the right people.

Enghouse Interactive Contact Centers

Enghouse Interactive’s contact center solutions provide a comprehensive set of contact center interaction management tools including outbound dialers. Enabling you to manage customer information, decrease time-to-answer, and route multiple contact channels to your agents. Reliable, useful information such as reporting aids decision making, planning, and prioritization. With each contact center agent using a common web-based user interface, the organization is provided with a panoramic view of the customer, their inquiry and wallet share and VIP status. With in-depth integration mechanisms, organizations can determine the most efficient way to serve.

Ideal for mid-size organizations looking for an out-the-box, cost effective all-in-one multimedia contact center. A modular solution comprising multi-channel contact center, operator attendant console, IVR, call recording, quality monitoring, and a range of additional components and integration tools, so you can add functionality as requirements and budget dictate.This highly flexible and tightly integrated design makes our business solutions one of the most cost effective and widely utilized solutions of its class.

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