13 June, 2019

Using CRM to Personalize the IVR Experience

Technology is now playing an important role in amplifying customer service. Interactive voice response systems (IVRs) is still the workhorse in the call centre, with clear and proven value propositions like cost reduction through automation, helps to reduce hold time, minimize abandoned calls, confirm proper agent transfer based on customer input selection and, play a vital role in growing contact centre productivity.

Yet, we frequently see businesses ignoring the potential of this medium and leaving the customers at the mercy of a poorly designed flow, driving them to extremes of frustration.

The question is how do we make our IVRs act more natural, more “personalised”, so that businesses can build more efficient customer journeys, enabling customers to solve their issues faster or independently?

A Fully Engaged IVR integrated CRM Solution, which can be used to provide the more personalised & engaging services to the clients. The IVR solution will use the available user data, which is collected and stored in the CRM. Based on the available data’s in the CRM, system will play more personalised IVR prompts. Thereby, user journey will become more engaging and personalised. Thus, the IVR solution integrated with the CRM can provide better services by giving the more personalized response to the customers.

This kind of CRM integration Interactive Voice Response Solution (IVRS) can be used by any firm. Nevertheless, the E-Commerce, customer support centre and call centre can influence the maximum advantage by IVR CRM Integration. The CRM integration in Call centre or eCommerce will boost the up-selling and cross selling, too. Similarly, it will convert lead in IVR itself, which decreases the IVR to agent transfer ratio.

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