IRIS Notifier

Initiate efficient and reliable communication with customers using IRIS.


Improve customer satisfaction through proactive communication

Communicating to customers is important for every business. Based on the nature of the business, the information can vary, but the platforms used to communicate will be common to all.

IRIS for multi-channel notification services helps you to alert your audience on payment reminders, confirmations, notifications, informative or entertainment alerts, etc.

IRIS for Multi-Channel Notification

How can IRIS Notifier help your business?

Automated Contact Services

Schedule automated calls, emails or SMS and let your customer know every relevant information on the go.

Emergency Alerts

Let your customers/employees be informed about emergencies through a text, email or voice notification.

Intelligent Notifications

Push bulk notification to your customers easily within just a click. Inform latest events, emergencies and other information quickly.

Outbound Customer Communications

Reach out to your customers, collect their feedback, inform them about offers, products and services.

Proactive Communications

Keep your customers updated and reach out to them proactively. This will help in increasing loyalty and customer retention.

Mass Notifications System

Reach out to a mass audience easily with a bulk notification facility. Let you customers be informed about the latest updates.


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