WhatsApp Business Platform

An exclusive live chat feature for business organizations to facilitate hassle-free customer interactions.


Delight and Engage Your Customers Through Interactive and Connected Experience

Proper communication is a crucial part of any relationship, be it personal or business. We have many communication platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook messenger which make personal communications quick and effortless.

IRIS Engage is an extensive multi-channel social media platform with live features that enables your business to create a connected experience for your customers. With IRIS engage, one can use these personal communication platforms for business and thus handling the complete customer interactions by engaging AI-powered chatbots or by connecting the customers to human agents.

IRIS Engage

What IRIS Engage Can Do For Your Business

Unified Dashboard

IRIS Engage provides access to all the social media platforms through a single dashboard. You can easily identify important messages from different platforms and take action in one place.

AI-Powered Chatbot

IRIS Engage is powered by an AI chatbot which creates the connected experience your customers want, at a fraction of the cost. The chatbot facilitates one-on-one communications.

Progress Analysis

IRIS engage enables businesses to communicate with customers and allows monitoring and tracking the results form a dashboard that provides reports form different SM platforms.


IRIS Engage allows you to delegate messages and support issues to colleagues to provide a better, more efficient customer service. The platform also connects your customer to human agents if required.

Combined SM Platforms

IRIS Engage allows the users to integrate their social media platforms to the software. This will enable instant and easier communications with the team across all the platforms.

Improved Employee Engagement

A personalised, feature-rich platform to magnify the employee engagement no matter wherever they are working from. IRIS got you covered even when you expand your business.


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