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Advanced ready to deploy integrated solutions for better customer journey management and internal collaboration in a contact center.


Grow your business with the best end-to-end solution for your customer service needs

The rapidly changing world has the most updated intelligence tools to track and pamper the customers and prospects. Even though you have a complete set of data, you may find it challenging to ensure support. This is where Call Center CRM integration with automation comes to play.

Our solution is compatible with every channel, including traditional telephone services, Email, SMS, live chats, mobile apps, messaging platforms, etc.

Voxtron Communication Centre

VCC Omni-channel contact center capabilities

Quality Management

Our integrated system allows managers to evaluate interactions, and it helps to find the areas that should be improved, resulting in better conversions.

Increased Productivity

The automated system updates the customer information after every call, thus making your customer history always accessible to you.

Cloud-Based Integration

Get the benefit of the most advanced cloud-based call center CRM integration to implement the superpower of perfect memory and accuracy.

All-in-one Communication Channel

Our integration program brings all communication channels together to provide flexibility to small and large scale enterprises.

Anticipation Capabilities

Help you to predict your caller’s needs before starting the conversation by cross-checking the previous history and interactions.

Real-time monitoring

Monitor activities through live analytics, call recordings, and reports for better customer satisfaction and process improvement.


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