CRM For Insurance

Simple and easy to use CRM solution from Voxtron helps process a large amount of data much faster and accurately.


Solution that simplifies the process of business to improve customer satisfaction.

As customer expectations are growing day by day, insurance companies need to have a powerful solution that can help streamline their business. The customer relationship management(CRM) solution provided by Voxtron is designed to collect all customer information like phone calls and emails at one place. All these data can be accessed by the team, whenever needed.

With our CRM solution, agents will get a better understanding of their customers, so they can provide unique services, according to their needs and requirements. From acquiring a lead to converting it into a customer, a CRM solution simplifies the process associated with it.

Customer Relationship Management

How can our CRM solution be helpful for an insurance agency?

Better Customer Satisfaction

Easy integration with third-party software helps to interact with customers using various channels, thus providing a personalized experience.

Data Management

With the right CRM, all the customer information will be available in one place, resulting in better management of customer data.

Contact Management

Based on the information collected in the CRM, customers can be grouped, thus making segmented marketing strategies possible.

Better Prediction

Analyzing customer history and their behaviour, helps to make better offers to the customers and strengthen the relationship.

Optimize Sales Process

A CRM solution allows agents to identify customers that are most likely to convert, thus simplifying the marketing process.

Process Automation

CRM can help in automating processes such as data gathering, data analysis thus reducing the human effort.


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