13 April, 2023

Revolutionize Your Business with Odoo,7 Salient Features That Make It the Top ERP Solution

Odoo is a popular open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that is used by businesses of all sizes.

Do you know its interesting backstory?

Well, Odoo was founded in 2005 by Fabien Pinckaers, a Belgian entrepreneur, who was frustrated with the ERP software options available at the time. He believed that ERP software should be easy to use and highly customizable. So, he set out to create a solution that met those requirements. Thus, Odoo was born.

Originally christened Tiny ERP, it was renamed Open ERP in 2007 and finally Odoo Open ERP in 2012.

Since its first appearance, Odoo has grown phenomenally. Today, more than 4 million users in over 120 countries trust it for their business needs.

Though Odoo is not the first ERP software, it is a revolutionary business solution. So, what makes it so popular?

Let us find out.

What is Odoo?

Odoo offers businesses a whole suite of integrated applications. It covers nearly 40 different applications for various business functions. This includes accounting, sales, CRM, inventory and project management, and HR.

You can use this ERP to manage any aspect of a business. It will allow you to make a business website, manage customers, online payments, or even launch marketing strategies. Odoo apps can also manage warehouse inventory, accounts, and invoices.

Read on to learn about the attractive features that make Odoo a reliable enterprise and resource management solution.

The Impressive Features of Odoo

  • Integrated Modular design

Most companies use a variety of software solutions for their different needs. But these software solutions are seldom integrated, which is the source of most issues.

When individual software solutions do not talk to each other, it is difficult to gain a comprehensive overview of the workflow. You may miss connections or enter and store the same data multiple times.

This is where Odoo is different. It has modules for every business need. But more importantly, all these modules can talk with each other. They integrate perfectly with each other. So, you need not worry about getting different technology to work together.

  • Odoo is open-source

Pinckaers developed Odoo to compete with SAP the software giant, using open-source software. So, Odoo is open-source. This means that the source code is public. Anyone can access and customize it.

This makes it easy for businesses to customize the code for their needs. You do not have to depend on the vendor to make changes.

Additionally, open-source software saves you a fortune in licensing fees. All you need is a proficient Odoo partner to help you leverage its features.

  • User-friendly interface

One of the best things about this ERP is its interface. Even non-technical users can easily master the system.

The interface is modern, intuitive, and stunning. It gives you a continuous overview of business processes from a single interface.

Even better is the way it arranges complex processes clearly and neatly. It simplifies the entire workflow. You do not need any technical skills to understand and use the system.

  • Robust integration

Odoo provides modules for all business needs. You will find dedicated modules for finance, sales, websites, HR, marketing, and services. So, it is a complete ERP solution for any business.

It can also integrate seamlessly with third-party apps and systems.

Suppose your business employs payment gateways, e-commerce platforms, or accounting software. You do not need an entire system overhaul to transition to Odoo. Simply integrate it with the existing third-party apps and continue your operations.

  • Includes powerful communication tools

Odoo has powerful messaging tools. It uses robust messaging systems to track internal communications. So, you can find all the communication related to sales or purchases in one place.

It will also help you create an easy audit trail. You can attach notes and messages to a document and use it at any level. So, the entire team will have access to all the details regarding an instance.

  • Customizable

The fact that Odoo is open-source reveals the extent of customization possible with this software. Businesses can rely on existing modules for their operations. They can also modify and extend the software to fit their specific needs.

This means that they do not have to adapt their processes to fit Odoo. They can instead tailor the software to accommodate their needs.

Proprietary ERP software does not allow for this level of flexibility. They have a limited level of customization options.

But there are many ways to customize Odoo. You can create new modules, modify existing ones, and even integrate with third-party applications. With these features, businesses can streamline workflows and automate processes easily.

  • Suitable for businesses of any size

The modular nature of Odoo makes it a great choice for any business. Regardless of how complex your operations are, you can tailor it to your needs.

So, a smaller business may need only the CRM and accounting modules. You can just include these modules, not the whole ERP. But when the business grows, you can expand to more modules.

Meanwhile, Odoo has various modules for bigger businesses with complex operations. It is built to handle their advanced needs.

It also offers a wide range of pricing options. Depending on your needs, you can choose a package that matches your budget.

To summarize…

There are many ERP solutions in the market. However, not all of them deliver the flexibility of Odoo.

Odoo is widely preferred because it is the least complicated of the lot. But it is competent and offers multiple functionalities.

Though it is easy to understand and implement, you may not have the in-house expertise to implement it. Working with a good Odoo partner is critical to the success of an Odoo implementation. They will have the technical expertise, business process knowledge, and capacity to help the business use Odoo in the best possible way.

As an Odoo gold partner, Voxtron has an expert Odoo team. We are equipped to drive successful implementations for all types of businesses. Contact our team today to discuss your needs and explore your options.



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