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Voxtron’s IRIS solution helps in handling Mobile communications across various platforms like WhatsApp, SMS, Email communication, Web and mobile push notifications etc.
If you’re still unsure of what a chatbot is, it’s artificial intelligence software that can imitate a user’s interaction using textual and audio means. Chatbots, which are programmed to mimic human interactions, receive and respond to messages via SMS, online chat windows, and social messaging systems, providing instant, personalised replies around the clock.
Chatbots automate user-service interactions, reducing the need for human intervention and allowing businesses to improve customer experience, increase efficiency, and boost profit margins. Because of the market’s acceptance of AI-bots, various chatbot development services in India are solely focused on pushing this technology to the next level. Thus, Voxtron’s Chatbot Solution Provider, IRISBOT, offers you seamless communication.

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The IRISBOT, by Voxtron, takes over discussions that would otherwise be handled by a human. As more people visit your website, the volume of inbound messages may increase dramatically. Instead of having your customer service staff spend hours answering questions, you can use a chatbot to get the same job done faster. IRISBOT asks the correct questions to collect the information needed to weed out unqualified prospects. Your sales staff will receive qualified leads without having to repeatedly answer the same set of questions. Customers can anticipate a response within a few hours after submitting an inquiry to you. Most brands, on the other hand, take up to 10 hours to answer. When none of your personnel is available, chatbots are there to answer their questions. Furthermore, even in an emergency, chatbots provide immediate responses! Your visitors may not always be aware of where to go for information. They might not even know exactly what they’re looking for. Such duties are well suited to chatbots. They can ask the proper qualifying questions and direct customers to the ideal spot on your website, whether it’s a product page, a user guide, or the career section. Our Whatsapp chatbot provider, a widely used medium, can also keep communication intact with your customers and have a seamless experience! 

AI-enabled Chatbots help agents communicate with consumers in real-time via websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, and corporate messaging systems. Allow consumers to contact you via their chosen messaging channels, resulting in a genuine omnichannel experience. Customers may talk on the web, WhatsApp, Messenger, and many more digital platforms. Mobile communication is made easy with Voxtron’s IRISBOT. We are one of the easy-to-use chatbot solution providers. Our IRISBOT is a virtual assistant that simplifies human and computer interactions and can improve your client experience.

Voxtron has its services spread across the locations of Qatar, the UAE, Dubai, and Africa. We pride ourselves on offering the best communication center with a global outreach. Our services are meant for the best customer service experience which is hassle free and transparent.

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Immediate attention to every queries your customer makes helps to resolve any problems quickly


IRIS Chatbot supports multiple languages and gives your customers the liberty of communicating in their language.

Improved Efficiency

Reduced redundancy and repetition reduces the burden on your workforce and increases efficiency.

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How IRISBOT Will Help You Upscale Customer Engagement

Personalized messages

With IRIS Chatbots, engage your customers with personalized messages tailored to meet their expectations.

Reduced burden on representatives

By providing solutions to simple questions of your customers, IRIS Chatbots reduces the burden on agents.

Reduces customer service cost

By providing speedy responses to queries and FAQs, the IRIS Chatbot helps in reducing customer service expenses.


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