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Voice Banking

VoiceWeb has leveraged the experience amassed in over ten years of designing and deploying of voice banking applications to the development a comprehensive Voice Banking Solution, affording users the ability to conduct all their banking transactions automatically and receive information and services over the phone via simple speech commands.

Easily and safely, without human intervention, bank clients can perform a host of transactions:

  • Fund Transfers
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Loan Installment Payment
  • Utilities / Other Payments
  • PIN Delivery / Change

In addition, users can still require any type of information regarding their banking, such as:

  • Account Balance
  • Credit Card Information
  • Stock Prices
  • Exchange Rates
  • Portfolio Management
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on:
    • Interest Rates
    • Loans
    • Mutual Funds
    • Credit Lines
    • Private Banking
    • Insurance

To ensure the service addresses all security requirements, users are authenticated through a multi-step process, based on information known to the bank (such as date of birth, ID number, ID issue date, telephone numbers, etc.), as well as voice biometrics, a unique voice imprint which is created per user, rendering the authentication process fail-proof.

Voice Banking has become a popular channel for customers who may not carry smartphone devices with Internet access, or are uncomfortable with using online banking, to communicate and make transactions remotely and at their convenience.

Moreover, with a complete Voice Banking Solution a bank is able to improve customer service, reduce operating costs,increase service efficiency and consistency, and offer business innovation while enhancing customer satisfaction!

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