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Recording and Quality Management

Our Call Recording solution is an affordable, feature-rich call recording and quality monitoring solution that is utilized by businesses of all sizes across the world for compliance, security and improving service levels. Designed to be easy to use and fast to deploy, the solution is neither expensive nor complex making it the perfect choice whatever your requirements.

More Than Just Call Recording

Traditionally, most businesses focus on collecting quantitative customer contact metrics by measuring statistics related to call handling. These measurements are widely accepted across the industry and typically the business will have invested significant sums in this. These figures invariably become the major indicator to business performance. However, using this approach means there are significant limitations to quality management.
Make sure you look at the whole process of how you monitor and improve the quality and performance of your operations.


  • Resolve customer disputes to reduce frustration.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance to ensure that you are safe in your activities.
  • Ensure high quality customer service to deliver customer satisfaction.
  • Enhance workplace productivity and accelerate employee training for quicker time to market.
  • Get accurate information to make well informed decisions in line with your business goals.

87% Investing in More Than Just Voice Recording

Contact Babel studies have consistently shown that increasing customer satisfaction is a key focus for contact centers. With 87% saying that Interaction recording (comprising both voice and screen recording) is one of the most prevalent contact center solutions it out performs other key areas such as decreasing costs or increasing sales.
Traditionally it was just about monitoring calls and recording them, but improving quality is now in front of this. Now with analytics, voice and screen recording having applications for quality assurance, compliance, security and agent training are given greater exposure.