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Connect your people, processes and systems for greater efficiency

Connecting your entire business together and having information at your fingertips accelerates the time-to-market and time-to-revenue of your customer activities. Effectively maintained contact data within the corporate environment supports the success of an increasing number of strategies and initiatives, helping to realize and maximize benefit from the implementation of an integrated data strategy and management.We offer the integration tools not only to third party CRM or directory systems, but to IP, PBX and TDM networks.

CRM Integration

Giving an agent information on the specific customer that they’re speaking to, when they’re speaking to them can dramatically improve customer satisfaction. Many organizations are taking advantage of CTI software to improve the productivity of their contact center agents, enhance the customer experience, increase customer loyalty, and to generate additional revenue. IRIS CTI for CRM provides integration to a number of leading CRMs, such as Salesforce, SAGE, SAP, Siebel, MS Dynamics. Our CRM Connectors provide agents with productivity enhancing features like application screen pops directly at call arrival.

How does it work

The caller is identified using either their caller ID supplied by the Public Telephone Network or by other unique customer information(mobile number, customer id, account number etc) which our CTI can prompt the caller to enter. When a call arrives at the agent’s extension, our CTI Connector searches for a match on the CLI or customer entered data and screenpops the customer record within the CRM. If no match is found, a new record (such as a new Lead) can be created with the phone number field populated. Similarly the Screenpop can be triggered based on the email id of an incoming mail.


  • Reduce call time by 10-20 seconds per call
  • Provides instant customer information at agents fingertips with screen-pops
  • Increases first call resolution
  • Enables agents to provide a better and more immediate response to customers
  • Offers a more personalized experience to the caller
  • Dials out automatically and faster with a single mouse click
  • Handles higher call volumes