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Quality Management

Assess larger samples, focus on important interactions, gain customer intelligence and target coaching to employees.

Quality monitoring has been around for decades, and there is a tremendous opportunity to improve it in most contact centers. Many centers often rely on a random, small (less than 1 percent), statistically insignificant sample of calls. Quality processes are often internally focused and ignore the customer insights in the vast majority of calls. Coaching may not be not as effective as desired, and both customer and employee engagement may suffer as a result.


Verint Quality Management helps address these challenges. This solution can enable you to leverage the power of speech analytics to evaluate large, statistically significant samples of calls. It can make quality management customer-driven by helping you balance internal policies with customer input from more interactions.

The solution categorizes interactions into groups by business relevance, and can eliminate human bias in the selection of interactions for evaluation. It can enable you to gather customer intelligence by focusing on interactions by category type. Using the built-in coaching module, you can deliver timely and targeted coaching to employees to help them improve their skills and behaviors for positive customer engagement.


Because Verint Quality Management is unified with other Verint products such as Recording, Performance Management, and Speech Analytics, quality scores can feed key performance indicators (KPIs) in performance management scorecards, which in turn can drive performance-based coaching and eLearning.

In addition to contact centers, Verint Quality Management can be used in back-office and branch operations to evaluate non-phone screen data, email and web chat interactions.

Verint Quality Management can either be deployed on-premises or in the cloud and purchased using flexible methods to suit your business needs.