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CRM for Insurance

With the power of Voxtron’s Insurance CRM your Insurance company can revolutionize the way it manages Relationships, in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service, for exceptional success. The solution is designed to continually meet organization needs, increase productivity, and boost profitability.

Voxtron’s CRM solution for Insures/Insurance Brokerages provides a comprehensive insight into Sales Pipeline Management, Insurance Renewal management, Customer/Prospect service request management, claims management, and Activity/Task management with a 360-Degree view.

  • With Voxtron Insurance CRM you can have a positive impact on the below: New Enquiry & Renewals Management OR (New Customer Acquisition & Retention)
  • Claim & Customer Request Management
  • Customer Data Segmentation for Cross Selling & Target Marketing
  • Omni channel customer experience
  • Insurance Back office Automation

1. Customer Acquisition & Retention:
Customer journey (CJ) in an Insurance company starts as a prospect, the enquiry may be inbound or outbound, CRM ensures no prospect falls through cracks and ensures a proper follow up required to convert it into a Customer. Processes like renewal, quotation requests, customer request management backed up with rules of Escalation and Reminders ensures a great Customer Experience (CX) and helps promoting Customer Loyalty to Customer Advocacy.

2. Claim & Customer Request Management
A timely response creates a happy Customer. CRM for Insurance is designed to ensure each Customer Request is addressed in time, the system with its rule of Reminders and Escalations ensures not Customer Request is missed out. Inbuilt customizable workflows ensure task is assigned to the concerned stakeholder automatically by the system, and any delay is flagged to identify bottle necks in the processes.

3. 360 Degree view of customer across multiple departments
In an Insurance company a customer information is required by different departments for different engagements. CRM for Insurance is designed in such a way that multiple departments like Renewal Department, Customer Service Department, Marketing Department etc. share customer information relevant to respective department. For e.g. Sales department can see the customer’s engagement with the Insurance company before trying to cross sell or up sell.

4. Customer Data Segmentation for Cross Selling & Target Marketing
Any Insurance company will have a minimum of 50,000 contacts if not more, how easy is it for a marketing team to segregate these contacts based on Geography, Age Criteria, Religion, Gender etc. Excel cannot be analytical. CRM for Insurance is designed to do easy segregation of data for target marketing and system can also be configured for auto suggestion for cross selling and up selling.

5. Omni channel customer experience
Voxtron Insurance CRM is designed to give a wow experience to your customer. Voxtron Insurance CRM is readily integrated with Voxtron’s Multimedia Contact Center and your existing telephony infrastructure. Your customer/prospect can request for a Life Insurance quote on phone/Web Chat/ email/SMS, and you don’t have to run between multiple system, you can capture all in one CRM console or dashboard. Omni channel experience helps to give the best CX to your customer.

6. Insurance Back-Office Automation
Front office/contact center of an Insurance company is what customer gets in touch with but behind that curtain there is a whole world working to help the customer facing departments, give the best experience to the customer. Voxtron Insurance CRM addresses the back office concerns to ensure a timely response to hundreds of requests and queries with them. Any delay will be flagged automatically by the insurance CRM to ensure a timely response to the departments to give a wow experience to the Customer. Voxtron Insurance CRM’s back office module automates departments like Underwriting and Finance to give a great experience to the customer.

Service Automation

The core challenge of insurance companies is proper follow-up with customers for renewal and for closing the policies. With the automatic scheduler Sage CRM integrates with the Insurance ERP to auto populate the activities and assigns the task to Team or individuals. These activities act as per the workflow configured to start the renewal/enquiry process till customer onboarding. The stages of the workflow vary from Negotiations, Document collection, Generating Quote from principal insurance providers etc. are A as per the requirement of each organization Integration with DMS, Payment Gateway etc.

improves the efficiency of agents and helps in closing the deals quicker and reduces the burden of human intervention.

Customer Acquisition

Sage CRM with its Lead management module can assist organizations to register the leads from various sources like Web, Social Media, Reference, Dialout/Email campaigns etc. These leads pass through the workflow defined in the system and provides adequate tools for the agents and supervisors/team leaders to close them efficiently. The built in dashboard/reports helps the management to analyze the pipeline and the monitoring of the KPI.


Sage CRM provides synchronization and integration of customer interaction and channels of communications like phone, email, fax, web, social media etc. With the intent of referencing the customer communications in a consistent and systematic way. Automatic recording of interaction history not only reduces the interaction cycles and duration but also to increase and improve customer retention. Recording of interactions and the outcome also helps in first call resolution analysis and the quality of CSR interactions.

Collaborative CRM entangles various departments of organization like sales, marketing, Underwriting, Finance, Collection and other services to shares the customer information among them to highlight better understanding of customers. For example, the information of preferred communication channel could be shared with marketing department so that analysis can be performed in this aspect to provide preferred products to customers. The information regarding portfolio of customers can be delivered to CSR to do cross selling / upselling.

Collaboration also helps in reducing the Turnaround time of leads by providing the complete details of the request and the customer information, required documents, application forms etc. This also helps in tracking the application status when requests are passing through various departments during request fulfilment.

Cross Selling and Segmentation

Segmentation uses customer attitudes like Nationality, Job Profile, Marital status etc. And is extremely powerful in cross-sell programs. There are an infinite number of ways to segment. There are several distinct segments that can incorporate using lifestyle segmentation variables integrated with a next most likely product model building process.

Once integrated with the customer facing channels it becomes easier to start the lead generation process. With all the modules available in a single application once a lead is identified for cross selling it is then assigned to the respective team to further process the customer interest and follow the workflow process of sales until customer onboarding.

Omni channel customer experience

With tight integration with the Voxtron Communication Centre and other major call center platforms Sage CRM provides out of the box integrations to provide an Omni channel customer experience. From Computer Telephony Integration to provide a 360-degree view of customer to Social Media integration to analyze the customer sentiments are available as standard integrations. With the integrated interaction history customer can benefit a opti-channel experience which is again enhanced by integrating with the self service module of Sage CRM and the Internet/Mobile channels.

Through Voxtron Communication Centre Sage CRM provides customer experiences through channels like, Face to Face, Voice, SMS, Chat, Social Media etc.

Back office Operations

With powerful workflow capabilities, Service Level Agreements, Escalations Sage CRM can be expanded to various back office operations like Underwriting, Collection etc. Collection executives to categorize the customer to various buckets and to update the Promise to Pay schedules, Internal help desk for supporting customer complaints etc. Where either customer related or process related requests can be tracked and effective managed. This helps in a single application solution to various internal process management with its advanced integration capabilities with Insurance ERP party systems.