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IRIS is a robust and highly scalable service platform that brings the Unicode Application to Person messaging capabilities of the mobile devices and Email, while retaining the immediacy and simplicity of the mobile Short Messaging Services (SMS) and Email Broadcasting/Alerting. It provides businesses with a high quality interface and API to send and receive SMS messages with multilingual (English and Arabic) text as well as Email. IRIS messaging can be easily integrated through an API (Application Programming Interface) into the enterprise’s back-end infrastructure. IRIS is the ideal communication channel to stay connected with your customers, clients creating a real time network of relevant information.


This module allows incoming messages to be routed based on the predefined conditions. Multiple rules can be configured based on conditions like the Short Code, Email ID or Customer Response and individual actions can be configured. The following actions may be configured for each rule.

  • Send an auto reply by SMS/Email.
  • Call URL and Post the Message and Mobile Number.
  • Execute an SQL command/stored procedure on an ODBC connection with the message and mobile number.
  • Forward the SMS as an Email to a configured email address.
  • Assign the message to a user group or to a specific User. Users can then access the messages through the inbox and take actions.
  • Send the message as XML data via a TCPIP socket.

Typical pull services would include:

  • Account balance enquiry.
  • Mini statement request.
  • Transfers between customer’s own accounts, like moving money from a savings account to a current account to fund a cheque.
  • Stop payment instruction on a cheque.
  • Requesting for an ATM card or credit card to be suspended.
  • De-activating a credit or debit card when it is lost or the PIN is known to be compromised.
  • Foreign currency exchange rates enquiry.
  • Fixed deposit interest rates enquiry.


This interface can be configured to query a database and, pickup mobile numbers/Email Ids at scheduled time and send SMS and/or Emails to the Customers. Mobile numbers/Email IDs will be picked based on a condition specified in the SQL query. Multiple database interfaces can be created and each can be assigned to a campaign. This interface can be used for sending automated SMS/Email based on predefined conditions. This module can be used to integrate many applications out of the box with little effort in configuring the Database connectivity with the Back End Application. This is very useful in integration to application with Hospital Appointments for Appointment Booking, Banking systems for Transaction Alerts etc.

The IRIS SMS banking module provides the following functionalities

  • Send alerts and notifications (PUSH)as per the predefined rules.
  • Receive and process instructions(PULL) as per the predefined conditions.
  • Define Categories and charges for different type of messages.
  • Define each Service and the message template in English and Arabic.
  • Interface to register customers mobile number and choose their preferred language.
  • XML API to link Account Number, Credit Card Number to the SMS Banking registration screen.
  • Interface to approve the SMS banking registration (Maker / Checker).
  • Customers to choose the type of SMS alerts they need.
  • Encrypted Messages to ensure security.


Through IRIS Campaign Manager, you’ll be able to create contests, quizzes, surveys and a range of other interactive, feedback-gathering campaigns entirely via SMS & Email.

You can define campaigns and it can be linked to message broadcast. Statistical Reports can be taken using this interface for each campaign for a given period.

  • Detailed report on each SMS sent and received.
  • Summary and details of message sent by each user.
  • Campaign based incoming and outgoing.

Using the web interface users can import an ASCII text file or excel file with mobile numbers/email and other information for sending messages. Personalized messages can be sent to customers by merging the fields in excel or text file through the editor. The user friendly editor provides a list of fields in excel or text file to drop them to the editor.