8 June, 2023

What makes Odoo a reliable ERP Solution for Any Business

Did you know that Odoo has over 7 million users and 3500+ global partners? Or that it is the most installed business software in the world?

Despite the availability of numerous ERP solutions in the market, many small and large companies choose Odoo.

So, why is it highly preferred by businesses across market segments?

Let us find out.

What are the key differentiating factors when choosing an ERP for business?

Choosing a new ERP solution or upgrading to a new ERP software is always challenging. This transition directly affects performance, profits, and productivity. Hence, there are multiple aspects to consider and evaluate.

Every business has unique needs. But the factors that affect the choice are always the same. These include:

  • Cost of the software

ERP software is expensive. But choosing a good ERP brings quick ROI, making the change worthwhile.

When choosing an ERP, the business should look at the capabilities it will enable. Potential benefits are better customer service, improved workflow, inventory management, faster output, and reporting. You should also evaluate the subscription and license costs.

  • Right fit for the business

Another important aspect is whether the ERP is a good fit for your business. To evaluate it, you must find out what works well in your current system. Also, what aspects are worth automating?

This will help you figure out which systems should integrate with the ERP.

Various levels of internal discussions are necessary to determine the business requirements of the ERP and identify the functional areas to address.

  • ERP Implementation Considerations

Implementing a new ERP is time-consuming. All the concerned staff will be involved in the migration process. So, this process will disrupt the workflow.

To make it simpler, you should treat the ERP implementation as a project. You should plan the timing so it does not disrupt deadlines. The methodology and execution are also critical.

  • Technology

When choosing an ERP, you must look at the technology requirements. Some critical factors are data security, reliability, customization, and integration with legacy software.

Other factors are user interface and experience. The reporting tools and their capabilities also matter.

  • Scalability

When choosing an ERP, it is important to plan for future needs. It is unwise to plan the ERP solution based only on current requirements.

It is equally important to see how the technology will fit your future needs. Will it adapt to enhancements when the business expands in the next decade? What will the expansion involve?

Ask such questions to assess if a major overhaul will be needed in the future.

  • Support

Actual work on the ERP solution begins after it goes live. So, you cannot discount the role of ongoing support and training.

Will you need an internal support team? Or will your vendor provide timely and reliable after-sales support?

Use these factors to assess its efficiency.

Eliminate the challenges of choosing an ERP system with Odoo

Odoo is a promising ERP solution for businesses across markets because it covers complex needs without being complicated.

The software is intuitive, fully featured, effortless to upgrade, and runs smoothly.

Here are the attractive features of Odoo as an ERP solution for businesses.

Odoo is affordable

Odoo is suitable for SMEs and large businesses alike because of its affordability. You can acquire the platform on a subscription basis. The operation costs are reasonable.

Additionally, it offers all the capabilities of high-end ERP solutions at a low price. So, smaller organizations can pick their preferred software applications and modules at a nominal budget to get started.

Odoo is highly customizable

Odoo is modular. This means that it has dedicated modules for different functions. Hence, you can customize the ERP by choosing only specific modules needed by the business. This fluidity ensures that it fits different business models.

Additionally, you can add modules and apps when business processes change or new departments come up.

Odoo is easy to implement

Another special feature of Odoo is seamless adoption. You can easily transition to Odoo with minimum disruption to the business.

The user interface is easy to use. You can customize the design and create an interface that appeals to staff. So, it becomes easier for them to use it effectively.

This reduces the learning curve and ensures that Odoo migration is quick and almost seamless.

It also has on-cloud and on-premise options.

Odoo is backed by technology

Odoo is undemanding compared to other ERP solutions. For 4 CPU set-ups, you will need only 4 GB RAM. It can easily cater to 20 employees.

Additionally, Odoo ERP is very versatile. The system easily integrates with third-party apps and legacy software. It can even connect with advanced systems using IoT and biometric device technology. So, the business runs seamlessly, with the added advantage that you will not need any additional interfaces for integration.

Finally, Odoo cloud servers are hosted in trusted data centers. Strong security restrictions ensure data security and protection.

Odoo is a scalable platform

With Odoo, it is easy to create new modules. You can remove modules or customize existing and new modules without effort. So, everything about it can be changed.

Hence, it adapts well to growing business needs. The cloud-based nature of Odoo also makes it easy to scale up or down.

Odoo offers excellent support

Odoo, being open-source, has a strong online support community. In addition, the company provides a lot of supporting Odoo documentation.

You can install Odoo easily by yourself on your server. But you may face some challenges during implementation. This arises because Odoo is a suite of business management tools.

An easier option is to connect with an authorized Odoo partner to set it up.

Contact Voxtron for Odoo ERP implementations

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Contact our team today to discuss your ERP needs. We can help you evaluate your needs and plan a highly-successful Odoo implementation for your business.

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