6 March, 2023

How the Mobile App and Healthkit React Native iOS app revolutionized patient care at a leading Middle East Hospital

Research reveals that patient experience is not determined by just the doctor or treatment. It depends on the overall interaction with the healthcare provider before, during, and after the visit. Mobile health apps with health data tracking play a big role in improving these experiences.

They simplify communication, data handling, and service delivery. Some even have features like health and fitness data recording. So, these apps help hospitals enhance patient experiences.

One such example is the mobile app we developed for a leading hospital in KSA.

Voxtron successfully implemented a powerful mobile app as a self-service facility for patients. This app was welcomed by staff and patients. It reduced the burden on staff and made patients self-sufficient.

Recently, we further enhanced this app with the Healthkit React Native. This is a health data tracking service. With this enhancement, the app can now remotely record the medical data of patients.

Read on to learn how the mobile app and React Native iOS revolutionized patient services for this client.

The Client Story

Our engagement was with a leading healthcare provider in KSA that boasts of the most modern medical facilities and highly qualified doctors. The group currently has three hospitals in the Middle East.

The contact center was the main point of patient contact at the hospital.  Patients had to visit the hospital or call the contact center for help. Since there was no self-service portal, patients had to rely on the staff for even small needs.

However, the management was keen to improve patient experiences. They wanted to open a digital self-service patient channel to help patients obtain information remotely. It could also be used to book appointments and access records without visiting the hospital.

And, this is where Voxtron came into the picture!

Voxtron’s mobile app solution for the patient community

To meet the needs of their growing patient community, the hospital management opted for Voxtron’s multi-featured mobile app for healthcare.

This app is a one-stop user-friendly mobile platform tailormade for patient needs. Firstly, it allows patients to find hospital info easily. Additionally, they can book appointments and access medical reports with it.

The app integrates seamlessly with the existing back-end system. The simple dashboard is user-friendly with scope for customization. The system uses a two-factor authentication process integrated with an SMS gateway to validate patients. So, it is secure and guarantees patient confidentiality.

Some of the advanced functionalities include:

Appointment booking:

Patients can book and manage their medical appointments using the app. It displays the different departments and doctor names. So, patients can browse the list to find a doctor. Then, they can book an appointment. The entire process is simple.


After an appointment, the hospital uploads the prescription on the app. Patients can download them and use them to buy medicines.

Insurance status:

This mobile app allows patients to link their health insurance details to their records. The app will display the current status. Patients can refer to it to find out whether their plan includes a service or not.

Family Member Management:

An attractive feature of this app is that patients can save the details of multiple family members together. They do not need separate logins to access the details of each member.

Lab Reports:

Test reports are updated in real-time on the app. Patients can instantly access them once available. They do not have to visit the hospital to collect their reports.

Integration of Healthkit React native iOS app with health data tracking

Voxtron’s medical mobile app brought about much improvement in patient facilities. Customer service and staff productivity improved significantly. However, the hospital did not stop there.

Due to today’s hectic lifestyles, we are more vulnerable to diseases. So, the medical community stresses the importance of regular health data tracking. Checking oxygen levels, body temperature, and heart rate will warn us about potential issues before they get out of control.

To facilitate easy health and fitness data tracking for patients, Voxtron developed the Healthkit React Native app enhancement. This iOS health app works in connection with Apple smartwatches. It allows patients to record vital health and fitness data using their watches.

The Healthkit React native covers four vital parameters:

  • Blood oxygen level
  • Body temperature
  • Heart rate, and
  • Respiratory rate.

Patients can access the app on their watch for health data tracking. Once the watch records the data, it syncs it to the Healthkit. The relevant details can be retrieved when the need arises.

With this facility, the hospital motivates patients to be accountable for their health. It will possibly cut down appointment times. With patients monitoring their health, it should also lessen their visits.

Another advantage is that the data gets uploaded to the patient records in the hospital database in real-time. So, doctors and medical staff can remotely access the data and track patient progress. It also proves useful for the initial diagnosis and management of symptoms.

The Impact

The Covid-19 pandemic opened our eyes to the inadequacies in our healthcare systems. The sudden surge in demand challenged healthcare providers like never before.

Despite having contingency plans, the situation was difficult to control. It forced us to re-assess the existing system of providing medical care.

We realized that the traditional system is inadequate.

The future of healthcare lies in cost-effective solutions that combine tech-supported patient care and efficient operative systems for healthcare. Healthcare centers must also prioritize patient experience for long-term growth.

Our client rose to this challenge with the help of technology.

  • First, they upgraded their patient contact center to an Omnichannel facility.
  • They also invested in a mobile patient service app.

These two moves simplified the patient experience.

Furthermore, they added the health and fitness data tracking facility to the app. With the Healthkit React native integrated with the existing system, the hospital can easily access patient data.

With these systems in place, the hospital is now able to deliver a higher level of customer service. It has led to higher levels of patient loyalty and trust. It has also improved employee productivity.

Voxtron can support your organization too with solutions that improve customer outcomes. Contact us today to find out how.

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