17 August, 2023

Iris Engage Launch Announcement

Voxtron is excited to announce the successful launch of IRIS Engage, a revolutionary customer engagement solution, which took place on August 10th, 2023 in Dubai.

IRIS Engage is an innovative Chatbot solution that facilitates seamless connections between businesses and customers across a range of channels, including WhatsApp, Web Chat, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. Boasting an array of appealing features such as effortless transitions between bot and agent, campaign functionalities, and comprehensive reporting and analytical tools, IRIS Engage elevates customer service, streamlines contact center operations, and amplifies customer satisfaction.

Event Highlights

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Kavya, setting the stage for insightful discussions. Prakash.V, Voxtron's CTO, highlighted the transformative potential of IRIS Engage, while Jeffin K Babu, Head of Product Development unveiled the developmental journey behind this chatbot solution. This was followed by a video presentation that showcased the extensive capabilities of IRIS Engage.

The pinnacle of the event unfurled as Voxtron's CEO, P. Thomas, officially inaugurated IRIS Engage through a live Bot interaction, thereby demonstrating its remarkable responsiveness.

This significant milestone reaffirms Voxtron's unwavering commitment to spearheading customer engagement strategies and empowering businesses on a global scale. Our dedication to redefining customer engagement, perpetuating continuous innovation, and making a substantial impact across diverse market segments remains steadfast.

Contact Voxtron to request a personalized demo of IRIS Engage, and discover how it can be tailored to meet your business requirements.

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