25 October, 2023

Iris Engage: Empowering Supervisors and Agents for Seamless Collaboration and Customer Satisfaction

In a busy contact center, agents often face challenging customer inquiries. Most of the time, their supervisors have the answers to resolve these issues quickly.

Imagine a scenario in which an agent is dealing with a complex query. The supervisor, fully aware of the situation, can only listen in without offering real-time guidance. This extends the call time, leading to potential customer dissatisfaction.

In this scenario, both the customer and agent would greatly benefit from a system feature that allows a supervisor to step in and take over the inquiry. This would ensure a quick resolution and better customer experience.

Modern contact center applications, such as Iris Engage, provide this feature. By enabling supervisors to barge into calls, Iris Engage promotes real-time collaboration for faster resolutions, leading to

  1. 1) happier customers,
  2. 2) higher agent productivity, and
  3. 3) smoother contact center operations

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Iris Engage as a customer engagement and interaction solution offers many additional features for collaboration between team members and across departments.

Let us explore each of them in closer detail.

Optimizing Agent-Supervisor Collaboration for Efficiency

Contact centers are driven by agent productivity. But, maximizing the team's potential starts with a solution that boosts agent bandwidth. Iris Engage accomplishes this seamlessly.

From easy escalation paths to effortless transfers between bots and agents, Iris Engage enables contact centers to operate at peak efficiency.

Here are some of the remarkable features of Iris Engage that take agent-supervisor collaboration to the next level.

Live agent interaction

One of the standout features of Iris Engage is Live Agent Interaction. It enables agents and supervisors to easily communicate during ongoing customer interactions.

Iris Engage allows supervisors to "barge in" when they find agents struggling with customer inquiries. With this option, they can address the customer inquiry swiftly. Not only does it reduce the response time, but it also helps agents avoid lengthy escalation processes.

Thus, Iris Engage helps to improve customer satisfaction, while also increasing the confidence levels of agents.

Seamless Transfer from Bot to Agent and Back

Many businesses rely on automated bots as the frontline for their contact center operations. These bots are capable of handling routine and repetitive inquiries. However, they are seldom able to tackle complex inquiries.

This is where the seamless transfer of inquiries from bot to agent and back becomes necessary. It ensures that customers receive the assistance they need, whether it is from a virtual or human agent, within the same conversation. It streamlines workflows and enhances the overall customer experience.

Easy Access to Knowledgebase During Live Calls

At times, agents will need access to information and documentation to answer customers. Iris Engage facilitates this by providing agents easy access to a knowledge base during calls.

Hence, they can easily browse through FAQs and other information from a central dashboard. It speeds up their responses and helps them deliver accurate answers without delays.

Seamless Escalations and Routing of Inquiries

Swift issue resolution is the cornerstone of contact center success. Iris Engage facilitates seamless escalations and inter-departmental routing of inquiries when the need arises.

It allows supervisors to intervene and provide guidance when needed. So, complex problems are addressed promptly, resulting in satisfied customers and efficient operations.

Easy Tagging of Interactions

Efficient organization and analysis of customer interactions enable easy upselling, cross-selling, and routing of queries. Iris Engage simplifies has an easy tagging feature to simplify it.

Agents and supervisors can effortlessly categorize and tag interactions, making it easy to track and evaluate different types of customer inquiries.

This results in improved workflows, enhanced leads, more business opportunities, and better campaign planning.

Reports and Analytics

Data-driven decision-making improves the operational efficiency of contact centers. Iris Engage offers comprehensive reports and analytics tools for this purpose.

It allows supervisors to gain insights into agent performance, customer preferences, and customer behavior. They can use these insights to make informed decisions, optimize processes, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Campaign feature

Iris Engage's Campaign feature facilitates the broadcasting of pre-approved messages. It enables agents and supervisors to tailor messages for different audiences, which is crucial for contact center productivity.

Thus, targeted campaigns minimize time wastage and maximize the impact of communications, ultimately leading to more effective operations.

Enhanced Call Routing for Streamlined Agent-Supervisor Collaboration

Call routing is a pivotal feature that helps contact centers improve agent-supervisor collaboration. With intelligent call routing capabilities, incoming customer calls can be directed to the most suitable agents based on factors like skill set, availability, and workload.

Supervisors can fine-tune these routing rules in real-time, ensuring that complex or high-priority calls are directed to agents best equipped to handle them. It not only optimizes the utilization of agent resources but also minimizes customer wait times. This level of control and flexibility fosters better collaboration between team members. Together, agents and supervisors can resolve issues faster and improve overall contact center productivity.

In Conclusion….

Collaboration is the driving force behind solving everyday customer issues at any contact center.

Iris Engage, with an array of features that are tailored to foster agent-supervisor collaboration, facilitates collaboration across the contact center. By enabling real-time communication between agents and supervisors, this contact center solution empowers teams to tackle complex issues swiftly and efficiently.

Whether it is the "barge in" feature for supervisors to step in during crucial moments, seamless transfers from bots to agents and back, or easy access to the knowledgebase during a call, Iris Engage solves every pressing need of modern contact centers.

Moreover, features like efficient management across multiple channels and enhanced call routing empower teams to perform better and offer swift and accurate customer resolutions.

Thus, Iris Engage by Voxtron champions collaboration across the contact center, ensuring that agents and supervisors work harmoniously. It empowers contact center teams to deliver exceptional customer service, one interaction at a time. Furthermore, Voxtron can tailor this solution to fit your exact business needs, so the transition is smooth and efficient.

Would you like to see a demo of how Iris Engage can transform your contact center operations? Reach out to our team.

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