VCC Salesforce Integration

Whatever customer interaction channels you want to be present on, the combination of SFDC and Voxtron provides the most flexible and customizable solution for getting the most out of your CRM and contact center investments.VCC is a very adaptable program that can be customized to meet your specific company needs. Integration with 3rd party systems, such as CRM and ERP systems, is a big component of it. SFDC has a number of server-side and client-side interaction points: APEX is a server-side, centralized web API that allows us to interchange client data such as account numbers and other account information, as well as start and close cases, send emails, and see chat transcripts.


client-side, browser-based “Open CTI” interface to facilitate interaction with call center or telephony systems based on web technologies. SFDC recently created this interface, which will eventually replace the prior integration approach based on Windows technology. A “VCC connector” package for integrating the VCC with is available on SFDC’s AppExchange based on these integration points. This bundle includes the following:


  • Contact Center (CC) Definition File
  • There are APEX classes that provide a way for SFDC and VCC to communicate.
  • Configuration parameters


The Advantages of VCC SalesForce Integration

  • Inbound call routing:
  • Inbound mail routing.
  • Other SFCD channels are being routed.The combination of SFDC and Voxtron provides the most straightforward and adaptable option for getting the most out of your CRM and contact center investments, regardless of the customer engagement channels you wish to be present on.Inbound call routing:

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