Sage CRM Connector

By allowing your agents to customize their responses to each caller, CTI for Sage CRM helps your business enhance productivity, improve the efficiency of contact center workers, and provide excellent customer service. The Sage CRM Connector from Voxtron Communication Center allows email, webchats, video chats, SMS, faxes, and social media activities in addition to automated screen pop-ups for calls. The CRM Connector allows phone numbers to be contacted from within Sage CRM by simply enabling a shortcut button on the phone number on the Contact, Account, or Lead screens.


CTI software is being used by many businesses today to boost contact center agent productivity, improve customer experience, build customer loyalty, and create additional income. Using our Sage CRM Connector, Voxtron’s CTI for Sage CRM allows connection with Sage CRM.


Agents get a 360-degree picture of the consumer by integrating directly with Sage CRM, which links call and caller data. Agents may tailor their interactions with customers, reply more accurately to client enquiries, and handle customer concerns in a single call using this information. Your company will stand out from the crowd and develop long-term connections with clients if its service personnel are responsive and competent.


The Advantages of the Sage CRM Connector

  • Reduce call times by 10-20 seconds with faster, more customized service; agents have access to the customer’s name and other information before answering the call.
  • Reduce consumer irritability caused by agents’ asking for the same information over and over again.
  • Automatically generate a CRM report revealing any prior activity linked to the caller to present an informed and professional image of your company.
  • Reducing expenses by minimizing training requirements and increasing agent and knowledge worker workflow efficiency.
  • By offering your customer records to your team for updating every time a client calls, you may improve the accuracy of your customer records.

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