Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM Connector


By allowing your agents to customize their responses to each caller, CTI for MS CRM/D 365 CTI for MS CRM/D 365 helps your organization boost productivity, improve the efficiency of contact center staff, and deliver great customer service by allowing your agents to adapt their replies to each caller. The Voxtron Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector gathers an incoming call’s caller ID (or prompts the caller to submit data such as their customer number) and displays it on a screen.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides you with the tools and data you need to acquire new customers, increase sales, and provide personalized support. You can now connect your Microsoft CRM to the Voxtron Communication Center to get even more return on your investment. Voxtron’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector helps you process calls quicker, whether you’re in sales, customer service, or support. It does so by instantly showing the caller’s information in your CRM as you answer the phone.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advantages

  • Reduce call times by 10-20 seconds by providing faster, more customized service; agents have access to the customer’s name and other information before answering the call.
  • Reduce consumer irritability caused by agents’ asking for the same information over and over again.
  • Automatically generate a CRM report revealing any prior activity linked to the caller to present an informed and professional image of your company.
  • Reducing expenses by minimizing training requirements and increasing agent and knowledge worker workflow efficiency.
  • By offering your customer records to your team for updating every time a client calls, you may improve the accuracy of your customer records.

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