13 December, 2022

Contact Center As a Service

 (CCaaS): All you need to know

The easiest way to drive organizational success is by delivering excellent customer experiences. However, this will require embracing agile, flexible, and adaptive technology instead of traditional processes and technologies. For organizations that rely on stand-alone premise-based contact centers, this will mean replacing existing contact center solutions with Cloud center as a service.

So, what is Cloud Center as a Service or CCaaS, and why is it better than traditional contact center solutions? Let us find out.

A closer look at CCaaS 

The traditional practice for organizations with contact center operations was to invest heavily in setting up solid and reliable contact center infrastructure in a controlled environment.

These on-premise contact center solutions, though reliable, cannot keep up with today’s rapidly evolving customer solutions.

It is because customer expectations are constantly growing, and these systems are not equipped to evolve with them.

In today’s business landscape, customer expectations are not limited by what contact centers or telecom providers offer. They expect to engage with companies on their preferred channels with minimal effort and zero aggravation for all needs. They seek instant responses and maximum gratification.

If these expectations are not met, they do not hesitate to take their business elsewhere.

Now, organizations that hold on to hardware-based contact centers believe that on-premise technology is solid and reliable. Such contact centers usually offer voice, fax, and email communications, and rarely anything more.

It is the main reason they fall behind competitors who upgrade to newer technology and offer effective Omnichannel communication solutions.

Now, the good news is that transitioning to the cloud through CCaaS or Contact center as a service is a low-risk, yet practical approach for organizations.

What is CCaaS?

Contact Center as a Service or CCaaS is a cloud-based customer experience solution with sophisticated tools that enable contact center agents to provide superior services to customers.

It provides organizations with a customized suite of communication and analytical tools for customer service operations. The added benefit is that organizations can buy only the technology they need.

The system is fully-equipped to handle multiple communication channels like SMS, email, Web chat, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, and any new channel that could arise in the future.

Thus, the technology is flexible and scalable to adjust to operational needs over time.

One of the best things about CCaaS is that it respects the original investment organizations made by retaining existing data structures, records, and custom-developed CRM or CTI integrations. This approach also reduces disruptions and enables seamless operations during the transition.

Why is CCaaS a winning approach for organizations?

Efficiency, scalability, and flexibility are the primary factors driving more organizations to embrace the cloud.

Before the pandemic, many organizations never felt the need to move to the cloud. However, the switch to working from home and increased dependence on dispersed workforces highlighted the inability of existing solutions to support remote staff.

With hybrid working solutions being the new norm, the need for flexibility to deliver efficient customer service has grown. This necessitates a radical shift of contact centers to the cloud.

CCaaS offers organizations various benefits like:

  1. It is a low-risk approach to upgrading operational efficiency

CCaaS makes the transition to the cloud easier because of the flexibility it offers.

With CCaaS, organizations can adopt a phased approach and transition at their own pace on a budget. New capabilities can be deployed as required and in stages to make the transition more seamless and cost-effective.

It allows organizations the flexibility to train and deploy agents remotely without disrupting routine operations. New and advanced capabilities can be deployed across the organization or selectively, as required. This promotes full business continuity, with agents being added and decommissioned quickly and easily.

  1. Makes it easy to leverage third-party applications

Certain applications that can transform how organizations work, like Microsoft Teams, are available only via the Cloud. Leveraging the various benefits of such applications would not be possible without migrating to the cloud.

With more and more such applications rolled out every day, the relevancy of an organization that sticks to traditional formats is affected.

By migrating to the cloud, you can improve your overall organizational efficiency by utilizing the numerous advantages that come with it.

  1. Offer outstanding service across all channels

CCaaS equips contact center agents for all scenarios, regardless of whether customers contact them through SMS, voice call, web chat, email, or video.

This modular solution integrates an omnichannel contact center with self-service IVR, call recording, quality monitoring, and an operator console. This enables intelligent handling of inbound queries through a user-friendly interface.

Issues can be managed as they arise and before they impact service levels. It also improves the scope of customers receiving the response they need during the first interaction itself.

  1. Accelerates revenue generation

Effectively deploying CCaaS drives higher revenues by prioritizing high-value customers and improving the way calls are handled.

The intuitive and user-friendly interface increases agent engagement, while productivity tools and real-time performance measurement dashboards help to improve performance in the long run.

The system also empowers customer “self-service” through powerful IVR apps, touch-tone and speech recognition, BOT interactions, and much more.

  1. Future-proofs the organization to meet rising customer expectations

Customer service is changing rapidly, with newer technologies like AI contributing to rising customer expectations.

Understanding how the market evolves and adapting to new customer expectations is not easy. The R&D and capital required to add features that integrate with your legacy system can turn out to be very expensive. In the long run, it is more practical to migrate your contact center to the cloud.

The feasible solution is to partner with an expert cloud contact center vendor who will take care of your organizational needs. For instance, Voxtron offers cloud contact center solutions in UAE Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and KSA.

Entrust your contact center migration to us and we will do the heavy lifting. Meanwhile, you can focus on delivering solutions that drive organizational growth and generate more revenue.

To wrap it up….

For organizations with contact centers at the heart of their operations, customers are the starting point and beneficiary of all the actions and outcomes.

Hence, the customer experience you deliver must be adaptable to rapidly change customer expectations.

In this scenario, the value of a CCaaS solution cannot be overestimated. It is not just a tool that maximizes agent effectiveness, but one of the most relevant investments organizations can make for future success.

To find out how Voxtron can help you make this radical change, contact our team today.




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