20 November, 2019

5 Key factors of IVR for Customer Service

Consistent, easy, and efficient experiences are the key to customer satisfaction and loyalty. One of the most essential tools to achieve that is through an Inter voice response system. And often, the first touchpoint for customer support which plays an essential role in preliminary interactions and ongoing customer engagement. Also, IVR is responsible for identifying, segmenting and routing callers to the most appropriate resource.

Here are five key advantages of IVR that make it so vital in customer engagement.

#1 Personalised Self Service

By combining self-service with personalization, IVR system becomes a valuable asset to build customer relationships. Pre-record greetings and messages using IVR to reflect professionalism, consistency and great first impression. IVR systems allow for tremendous personalized greeting or a prompt to seamlessly transfer the call to a live agent when the customer requires detailed information.

#2 Increase Customer satisfaction

On holding a customer for too long can lead to a call being disconnected or a customer getting impatient and hanging up only to call right back. A great benefit of IVR is First Call Resolution by reducing the time taken to confer with various agents or passing the call around, the customer query can be resolved faster with minimum waiting time and thus, lead the higher Customer satisfaction.

#3 Reducing Costs

Reduce agent call volume, manpower costs and overall cost per call by automating all inbound & outbound transactions & processes. Visual IVR costs less to deploy & providing customer information automation automatically, no need for additional agent training, and can easily integrate into existing IVR systems.

#4 Increase Loyalty

The IVR connects to the CRM which stores the customer’s details and the details will be displayed on the agent screen when the customer calls. Moreover that, in terms of customer profile and in terms of what products they have purchased, customers will be prioritised and loyal customers who are assets to the company deserved to get connected directly to skilled agents.

#5 Keep Business get Connected

Through Interactive Voice Response, can easily provide round-the-clock customer service. Using IVR’s self-service options, customers can get answers to their basic queries at any time. Also, can transfer the call received at off-business hours to your personal number through the call forwarding feature.

Now that you know the many benefits of having an IVR system, it will become even more clear that, to make the best of these new opportunities, companies need to switch their thinking about IVR technology. Let’s break the Roadblocks of Customer Satisfaction using IVR technology.

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