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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Principles to Excel in Customer Experience with Enghouse

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Principles to Excel in Customer Experience with Enghouse

With pressure on the bottom line, for many businesses improving customer experience is sometimes the last item on the agenda. This is not the case for one of the world’s biggest toy makers, LEGO, as it puts its brand at the heart of its customer service and makes it a key differentiator.

View our recent webinar with Kim Bright, Global Consumer Services Senior Manager at LEGO Education, who shared with us how LEGO uses the power of the brand and the brand values to bring great experiences to all who interact with them.

Furthermore, Steve Morrell from Contact Babel shared highlights from his latest research into customer experience and how to excel in a forever changing, digital world.

Ondemand Webinar – Agenda

  • Based on major surveys with thousands of UK businesses and consumers – What customers want vs what businesses think customers want? – Contact Babel
  • How Lego puts its brand into its customer services to excel? – LEGO Education
  • Principles to deliver customer service excellence in a fast-paced, ever-changing digital world. – Enghouse Interactive

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The principles to excel in customer experience.

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