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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Sage Elevates Brand and Better Serves Customers with Verint Telligent Community

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As a major financial software provider to leading companies around the world, Sage offers 22 solutions for customers in North America alone, primarily centered around Sage Business Cloud, an end-to-end business management platform. Not surprisingly, meeting customer expectations and providing agile customer support are top priorities for the organization.

However, at times these priorities also presented major challenges. As the number of software solutions offered increased, so did the need to provide an online channel for customers to engage with the company and other users. When the company found itself with five distinct communities—and a fair share of confusion for both its customers and employees -Sage knew it had to address this significant issue.

By choosing Verint Telligent Community, Sage not only chose a community with a robust feature set that made it easy to set up, but it now enjoys a community where return visitors make up more than two-thirds of total traffic—thus demonstrating the value of a strong community in driving ongoing customer engagement. As the customer experience improves, so does the likelihood that these more satisfied and loyal customers will renew their support plans.

Check out the customer profile and learn more about how “Sage City” has helped improve brand consistency, boost the customer experience and strengthen customer loyalty.

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