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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Omnichannel – Taking Service from Good to Great

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A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with Omer Minkara, Vice President and Principal Analyst from Aberdeen Group. Aberdeen Group always comes to the table with a wealth of real-world data about how other companies are performing across metrics that matter today.

The focus of this webinar was omnichannel service, and Omer revealed several metrics about how best-in-class organizations are performing with regards to omnichannel as compared to industry laggards.  A couple of my favorite stats are as follows:

  • Respondents who indicated that ensuring consistency between customer messages across multiple channels is important increased from 27% in 2015 to 54% in 2017.
  • 55% of companies use at least 7 channels within CX programs.

Source: Aberdeen Group, 2018

One thing that became clear when viewing the statistics from the webinar: offering multiple communication channels is no longer a differentiator. It is table stakes that every organization should be minimally achieving. Omnichannel service has evolved to the point that organizations must look beyond simply offering different ways to communicate.

If each of these communication channels is staffed with different agents using different tools and providing an inconsistent quality of service, then the channels don’t actually provide a benefit. Best-in-class organizations are seeking a unified strategy, with a unified view of the customer and centralized access to knowledge, data and processes.

I found the data in the webinar to be extremely compelling. If your customers don’t currently have a consistent experience from channel to channel, or if you are seeking a solution to help improve contact quality, accuracy and efficiency across channels, I highly recommend that you listen to the recording. And if you’re ready to learn more, you can always check out product information on our website or get in touch with us directly at info@verint.com.

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