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Monday, April 30, 2018


Innerchild 2

Engage18: On The Inside

Most parents would agree that the average four- to five-year-old has a mind filled with questions.They aren’t afraid to ‘let them loose,’ as the saying goes.

Most children are also not afraid to get involved in activities. They love to be a part of the excitement and, often, don’t shy away from getting their hands a little dirty.

As adults, we can learn quite a bit from children. In fact, while attending the Verint Global Customer Conference, why not tap into your inner child.

Here are three ways to do so:

  1. Ask questions. The Verint Global Customer Conference will feature over 70 different sessions. Make it a goal to have two or three questions prepared for each session you plan to attend. Not sure which breakout session is right for you? Visit the website and click on the “Agenda” tab.
  2. Get involved in activities. Network. You’ll get a chance to have some fun, see familiar faces and make connections with others from the Verint customer and partner community.
  3. Be a part of the excitement. Wednesday night of the conference is the ever-popular customer appreciation event. Bring your dance shoes and be ready to be a part of the excitement that the customer appreciation event brings.

The Verint Global Customer Conference is three days of learning, networking and feeling inspired. Why not let your inner child out to have some fun? Remember, your customer engagement transformation journey starts in Dallas. See you in the Big D!

Want to learn more about the Verint Engage18: Global Customer Conference? Click here.

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