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Sunday, April 22, 2018



Continuing with our Women of Enghouse series, today we are saying HELLO to Jacki Tessmer, VP of Cloud Strategy.

1) Tell us about your history with Enghouse Interactive?

I have been at Enghouse 6 years (as of April 9th so just had anniversary) I was recruited in 2012 here by a former Oracle colleague for a role in product management focusing on Enghouse’s Contact Center Service Provider, our contact center as a service application. At Oracle I was part of the CRM Customer Service and Contact Center product management group and in that role one of my products included Contact on Demand – a cloud contact center product offered by Oracle. I was lucky to get into the CCaaS space early, this was 2006! Not too long after coming on board I picked up responsibility for the contact center product portfolio working for Alex Black. That’s segued into a number of cloud contact center focused roles since coming to Enghouse, and am currently part of the global sales and go to market team that position CCSP and manager our network of global service providers who leverage CCSP to build their contact center as a service solution they take to market.

2) What is your favorite part of your job?

Working with our customers. We have a network of partners who are communications, network and application service providers and that list is to be envied. They each leverage CCSP in unique ways, building a business around offering cloud contact center to their prospects – and each have their own “secret sauce” that extends CCSP as a unique offering for their market. I really enjoy working with them on their product and go to market strategy – and every time I meet with one of them, whether they are in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia or the Philippines I always learn something, sharing best practices, learning what they do and how to be innovative in the cloud contact center market.

3) What is the most gratifying part of your job?

It’s always gratifying to hear from one of the service providers I work with who are calling to share a big win!

4) What’s on the horizon in the world of Cloud strategy?

Cloud applications are hot and contact center as a service has been seeing and will continue to see tremendous growth. Most companies considering a technology refresh look at cloud contact center as an option – but most look at it as more than just a chance to refresh their contact center infrastructure. They look to cloud to accommodate a number of things, and most of those objectives focus in on being more agile – – which is not necessarily a word they would use to describe their on premise solution. So the cloud means flexibility that can integrate with your premise based PBX with contact center in the cloud for your own hybrid solution. Or mix and match clouds – your CRM is cloud based with a new CCaaS service that is pretty straightforward to integrate with your cloud based CRM. Migrate you PBX to a cloud based unified communications than layer on cloud contact center.

Agility and flexibility are two good words to describe the many options.

I think the next thing on the horizon and the next word to associate with cloud is “Intelligent” – the next wave of innovation will come from artificial intelligence driven applications – Chatbots and Virtual Assistants as a new entry into the contact center. Customers are increasingly digital – web chat and social chat are increasing (email response and voice calls as the first entry into the contact center are decreasing) Extending the self service experience to an intelligence driven Chatbot on the web or a mobile device, one that understands the intent and context of the question being entered, will become increasingly common for many customer interactions. Seamless connection from self service to assisted service, so when the customer still needs to speak to or chat with a “live” agent will be key. I think cloud contact center will lower the barrier of deploying AI driven applications such as Chatbots, and I think we’ll see more task specific packaged Chatbots, like an appointment scheduling bot, be available cloud contact center and packaged, task specific Bots will make it more affordable for more contact centers of all sizes to deploy intelligent applications.

4) How have you seen Enghouse evolve since you’ve been part of the team?

I work with some really great people here at Enghouse, many with a great deal of subject matter expertise and I like that there are a lot of opportunities to use that expertise on different projects and initiatives. We’ve also got some great customers and partner – who are out there implementing and operating contact centers and “living” what it means to offer a great customer experience. I like that there are always opportunities within Enghouse and with our customers to learn and do new things.

5) Tell us 3 fun facts about you!

I telecommute so my “office mate” is Cody, my standard poodle. When a lot of folks think of Poodles they think of the little tiny dogs people carry around in purses. Not Cody – he’s over 70 pounds and quite “tall”. He’s been known to walk up behind me on a morning video conference with our CCSP development team and “Say hello”. Now if I could only get him to take action items!

I decided that I wanted to learn about wine and like a true “High tech” software person I decided I needed to attend a certification boot camp a couple years ago. I attended Napa Valley Wine Academy (hey if you’re going to learn about wine Napa is a great place to do it) and received my WSET (Wine Spirits Education Trust) Intermediate certification. Blind wine tasting parties at my house are a lot of fun now.

Another hobby (besides wine tastings) is baking bread, particularly sour dough bread, I’ve got a sourdough starter I’ve kept going for almost 10 years, makes great snappy sourdough taste (almost as good as San Fran sourdough!) Kneading bread dough is a great way to relax (almost as good as Yoga )

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