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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Create a Contact Center With Capability


TouchPoint Agent provides your Microsoft O365 cloud phone system queues with contact center level tools to enhance your agent’s capability, provide superior customer service and empower managers with business intelligence insights, all without the need for costly traditional call center infrastructure. In fact, there’s no infrastructure at all.

The new call recording feature provides your contact center an option to record any call handled by agents. All the recordings are easily searchable, accessed within their own tab within the UI, giving you a historical record for calls into your agents. Add value to your business organization and create a call center with capability with the latest version of TouchPoint Agent!

The NEW TouchPoint Agent release includes the following features:

Call recording
Scheduled and on demand
Pause for PCI compliance
Easy search, play, delete
Download and store MP3

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“TouchPoint Agent is an ideal contact center solution for companies looking to enhance customer service with a minimal footprint. Whether powering a small departmental help desk or supporting high volumes of external customers, TouchPoint Agent can scale to fit your needs.”

– James Skay, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Skype for Business Developer Platform, Microsoft Corp 

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