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Thursday, March 15, 2018


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Many of you have heard me say before in blogs, articles and at events that Verint has an unwavering commitment to developing customers for life.

And we’re not letting up in 2018—we’re full speed into the year and more committed than ever.

Our latest customer feedback gathered by our CX team only reinforces this point. Overall satisfaction with product has increased by seven points this past year—and has risen to the highest ranked key area measured! And, one of the highest ranked areas within product attributes is “intuitive and easy to use.” We’ve proud to have seen a three-point increase in satisfaction over the past year.

As an indicator that our innovative approach is working, customers who have adopted our newest offerings rank the highest when it comes to overall satisfaction. Additionally, overall satisfaction, as measured by our Champion Loyalty Index, has increased over the past year—with one of our highest drivers, “ease of doing business,” rising four points.

This customer focus is part of our culture and carries directly into our offerings, which have again been recognized by DMG Consulting, receiving perfect scores—five out of five—in several key product satisfaction categories. They have earned the highest scores in six customer satisfaction categories—including overall vendor satisfaction—along with perfect scores in 12 product satisfaction categories and eight product effectiveness categories. 1

In addition, Gartner named Verint a leader (again) in its new workforce engagement report, which includes customer experience among many other criteria.2  Read more.

As one of the executive sponsors of Verint’s Customer Experience Program, I’m delighted by this recognition, as it provides another set of “outside-in” metrics to affirm we’re on-track when it comes to delivering what our customers expect to thrive in their highly competitive marketplaces.

Looking closer at DMG’s report, for example, Verint is cited for having:

  • The highest customer satisfaction score among all vendors evaluated for current product.
  • Top scores for training, professional services, ongoing service and support, planned product innovations and overall vendor satisfaction.
  • Three more recognitions that’s we’re proud of—check them out in our recent press release.

We’re pleased with this industry analyst recognition—and equally, very pleased to see a correlation in satisfaction based on our own customer feedback. A big thanks to all of our customers who are sharing their ideas and experiences in the Verint Community and elsewhere—it’s what helps us know we’re on track with our mission to develop customers for life!

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