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Wednesday, March 14, 2018


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Engage18: On The Inside

The perfect restaurant. Most of us have that one restaurant that we love. That one restaurant that has become our go-to. We may have labeled it as such based on the range of food selections that it has, the quality of service that it provides, or its overall atmosphere.

Whatever the reason, we view that restaurant as perfect. It has everything we want or need for a great meal.

The Verint Engage18: Global Customer Conference sessions have been expertly tailored to deliver the very same elements as your perfect restaurant. How so? Read on.

(1)    Varied Menu Choices: Engage18 will take place May 14-17, in Dallas, Texas, and will be jam-packed with over 70 conference sessions that will take over 1,200 attendees on a journey of listening, learning, connecting and of course, fun.

(2)     Quality of Selections: Sessions at Engage18 will be focused on delivering quality content that provides knowledge, tips and solutions that can help attendees craft their roadmap to customer and employee engagement success.

(3)    Conference Atmosphere: Conference sessions will be filled with excitement, yet, will also provide an atmosphere of actionable learning, engaging networking, and inspiration-driven roadmaps and solutions that will spearhead future product releases.

(4)    The Dessert: Perhaps the one thing that makes your favorite restaurant your favorite restaurant is the dessert. So, what’s on the “dessert” menu of Engage 18? Glad you asked. The conference is slated to showcase musicians, comedians and even a great way for attendees to give back to the community.

The takeaway: Just like going to your favorite restaurant satisfies your wants and needs, so it will go for each Engage18 conference session. Each session will have what you want or need to have a great and engaging time.

Bon Appétit!

Want to learn more about the Verint Engage18 Global Customer Conference? Click here.

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