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Thursday, March 1, 2018



Do you use Salesforce? Enghouse Interactive CTI for CRM is a CTI application using telephony integration that adds Screen Pop and Click-to-Dial capabilities to contact centers and call centers in organizations using Salesforce.

The following three features allow sales and support teams to leverage the data from Salesforce to help them quickly resolve customer issues:

Deliver call details and/ or the customer’s history to the agent along with the call using the Screen Pop feature.

Reduce wasted time and errors by calling customers directly from within a Salesforce contact using the Click-to-Dial feature.

The Coordinated Call and Data Transfer feature enables notes attached to a call record by one agent to be used by other agents when the call is transferred to them, enabling seamless support by more than one agent during a single interaction

So what are the benefits?

-Leading CTI product in the market

– Support for Contact Center Agents and back office Knowledge Workers

– Supports a wide range of PBXs

– Supports many Enghouse Contact Centers

– Snaps into most existing PBX/ACD solutions

– Unmatched price/performance

– Minimal set-up and training

CTI for CRM significantly enhances team efficiency and performance by providing agents with click-to-dial and screen pop capabilities that can reduce call time and help personalize customer service. CTI for CRM provides customer information to an agent’s desktop as they simultaneously receive a call. Armed with this information, agents can personalize their interactions, respond more precisely to customer inquiries and can resolve customer issues on a single call.

To learn more about Enghouse Interactive STI for CRM click HERE

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