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Sunday, February 11, 2018


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Reacting after the fact to an unforeseen security event used to be the only option for bank officials.

But now, as financial organizations are facing a new risk paradigm that encompasses both cyber and physical threats, the level of intelligence needed to be fully prepared has increased tremendously.

And, this expansion has led to a new and smarter type of security approach: one that is proactive rather than reactive.

At an ATM, branch, corporate campus or even an online banking website, the minute a security incident begins, officials have no time to waste. The trend toward a proactive approach allows security teams to identify an event before it occurs or assess and respond more quickly to one that has already begun.

The key to being proactive is knowledge: the more pieces of data gathered, the greater the likelihood of recognizing a vulnerability. Financial institutions must go beyond simply utilizing video surveillance for security. Tools such as embedded network video recorders, IP cameras, integrated analytics, and powerful notification capabilities can be used cohesively to create a holistic security system—from capturing information inside and outside of a facility to conducting investigations.

Trends such as Big Data analysis, deep learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) have greatly elevated the ability to proactively look at security. These concepts also bring with them an expanded risk for threats and breaches, requiring a dialogue between IT and physical security teams to help leaders gain a greater knowledge of how to best collaborate to help ensure complete protection.

With more people and devices involved in analyzing a financial institution’s security risk, the opportunity to be proactive grows.

In today’s world, where banks and financial organizations have become primary targets for threats and breaches, determining a security weakness and taking action—before an intruder does—is critical to preventing attacks and helping to ensure the safety of assets, customers and employees.

Learn how to use a variety of security technologies to help achieve immediate intelligence and unprecedented protection from fraud.

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