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Wednesday, February 7, 2018


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AI is a reality today because recent advances in AI technology have made machines more intelligent. By itself, AI technology doesn’t provide much value.

However, when incorporated into an organization’s customer engagement strategy and overall business operations, AI can power automation and help deliver significant results.

Automation powered by AI technologies can leverage areas such as robotics, natural language processing, machine learning and cognitive capabilities. As a result, automated solutions can better understand customers—their words, context, intent or even emotions. Recent advances in artificial intelligence technology have resulted in new automation opportunities that can help revolutionize customer engagement, manufacturing, consumer appliances and a whole host of other areas.

However, as recent McKinsey Global Institute research points out, there’s a yawning divide between leaders and laggards in the application of AI, both across and within sectors. Executives hoping to narrow the gap must address AI in an informed way, understanding not just where AI can boost innovation, insight and decision-making that can lead to revenue growth and capturing of efficiencies—but also where AI cannot yet provide meaningful value.

Read up on this by checking out “What AI can and can’t do (yet) for your business,” McKinsey Quarterly, January 2018. To capture the power of CIO and technology executives’ voices, insights and experiences around robotics and AIVerint’s John Goodson, SVP & GM, Products, Customer Engagement Solutions, will host an invitation-only CIO/Executive Roundtable and Dinner on the topic of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in conjunction with The Select Group—to be held on Wednesday, February 21 in Atlanta’s Perimeter area. Executives from more than 20 leading organizations will take part representing healthcare, financial services, building products, technology, global logistics, manufacturing and other industries.

Artificial intelligence and robotic technologies can augment existing business processes and operations—and ultimately help deliver more business benefits to customers. Through research and interactive discussions, executives can gather more knowledge and insights regarding planning and execution of robotics and AI strategies.

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